Enhance Your Home with Riverside Furniture

According to IBISWorld, there are 28,162 furniture companies in the United States alone. This figure is reflective of how this progressive industry is going to stay for the years to come. As more and more furniture companies are sprouting like mushrooms, homeowners will have to select the best furniture for their homes. And due to stiff competition, the search for the most exquisite collection could be a challenge. Enter Riverside Furniture.

Although this furniture brand has been in the industry for over seven decades, the company continues to perfect its every selection of living room, bedroom, home office, and home theater furniture pieces. And this is why you don’t have to search anymore. Riverside Furniture provides fashion-forward furniture products that homeowners can use for a lifetime.

Riverside Furniture: Creating Innovative Furniture at Affordable Prices

Finding the most suitable furniture collection for your bedroom, living room, home office, and home entertainment spaces is a daunting process. More often than not, homeowners are left with a couple of choices due to some factors — price, quality, function, and aesthetics. However, Riverside Furniture combines all that to manufacture a collection that every user will love.

Since 1946, Riverside Furniture’s service and passion in the home furnishings industry have never wavered. The growth is evident in the brand’s multiple manufacturing plants all around the world after starting with just one manufacturing facility back in the day. The success stems from fresh concepts and ideas, innovative engineering, durable wood supplies, and an overall commitment to service. The company has all rights reserved ever since progressing from a modest business to a full-line furniture supplier.

Riverside Furniture’s products are also to die for. Every collection has a detailed and distinct finish, impressive functionality, and grande overall appeal. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, modern, transitional, casual, cottage, rustic, or traditional styles, you can find everything at Riverside. Furniture

For more Riverside Furniture collection, search from Local Furniture Outlet’s collection of Riverside products. Moreover, you won’t have to search far and wide for Riverside Furniture pieces as well. That’s because the company works with over 3,500 furniture dealers.

Search for the Best Collection at Riverside

Riverside Furniture has every collection that caters to your preferred finish, color, feature, function, wood material, style, and more. But all Riverside Furniture products are categorized into five main categories:

  • Modern Contemporary
  • Urban Organic
  • Cottage
  • Updated Classics
  • Refined Glam

Modern Contemporary

Modern and contemporary styles aren’t interchangeable. The former refers to styles from the early to the middle twentieth century, while the latter has no period. It refers to what is present and is evolving constantly. This collection has a distinct finish such as the Zoey that boasts an Urban gray finish. Other items are Promenade and Pinnacle.

Urban Organic

If you want to search for a more “natural” feel, go for the Urban Organic category. It refers to the colors and elements you can see outdoors. Tones such as cream, tan, beige, chocolate, walnut, or brown. You can search for furniture pieces for your bedroom or living room in this category. The Maverick is made of Saal wood with metal accents. The Rowan has a rough-hewn gray finish and Milton Park boasts an earthy appeal with white glaze.


Cottage refers to a mix of patterns like florals, checks, plaids, stripes, or beautiful fabrics either for your bedroom and living room. It is also a mix of fabrics. Subcategories in this collection are McKenzie, Southport, and Aberdeen.

Updated Classics

The Updated Classics pertains to a traditional style with a timeless look. The Rosemoor pieces offer the stunning innate beauty of wood with a burnt caramel finish. The Hawthorne is also made of poplar veneer and poplar solids with an inviting Barnwood finish.

Refined Glam

If you want total luxury with a touch of modern vibe and gentle contemporary appeal in your furniture pieces, go for the Refined Glam collection. Use these pieces for your living space, bedroom, home office, or home theater. Some collections are Sophie, Monterey, and Lilly.

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