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Five things to consider before choosing a home security company

Feeling secure in the comfort of your own home is important and so is protecting your valuables and loved ones. While you can do several things like leaving the lights on when you’re not home, it may not be enough.

A dependable home security system adds layers of protection to your house and helps you monitor who’s entering your vicinity when you’re not around.

Considering all of its apparent benefits, opting to install security alarms and cameras is a quick and easy decision, but determining which company to hire may not be as easy.

The stats and FBI status

According to an FBI report, more than 2 million homes are robbed every year in the United States. This means that every 13 seconds, someone is breaking into a house somewhere in the country.

Burglary is mainly defined as an unlawful entry on private property. Usually, force is used to gain entry but many thefts, surprisingly, are opportunistic.

Moreover, the illegal trespassing and break-in of a home is not the only definition of burglary. Illegal entry of a tool shed, garage or any other private structure also constitutes as burglary.

The United States Department of Justice published a report stating a 3% decrease in burglary from 2014 to 2015. This reduction was a continuation of a downtrend in property crime that has experienced a cut down in burglary rate since 1993. No doubt, home security companies played a role in this significant decline.


The home security industry caters to more than 18 million homes in the United States. Modern security systems not only notify homeowners of a potential robbery via apps but also work as a deterrence tool, scaring away the would-be thieves before they have a chance to act.

Pick a security plan

Installing a home security system is your best option to avoid being a victim of a burglary.

Shelley Little at Decorating Ideas spent dozens of hours with her team, researching and reviewing crime statistics to come with the best home security findings to protect you and your home.

In addition to the detailed review, here is a list of 5 things you should know before you choose to invest in a home security system. You will not only learn the basics but also what to look for in a company to protect your family and valuables.

1. The price point

Today, people are open to exploring multiple options that make their lives easier with just a click of a button. The industry offers various security options, each with a distinctive price point. Home and business owners are advised to consider the following factors:

  • The expense of installation
  • The initial cost of equipment such as cameras and sensors
  • Monthly monitoring fees

Calculating the security budget is only a practical approach to determining what security system is best suited to the property. It is pointless to install the equipment or to set up a live monitoring system if one cannot afford to pay for the services of a specific company.

2. A home security system is not the same as a burglar alarm

Like a burglar system, home security systems protect your home against trespassers. The main distinction between the two systems, however, is that the latter also guards people against environmental threats.

These environmental threats include fire, flooding, and natural gas build up inside your home. Each of the threats mentioned above can cause serious damage to your home, costing you more than the annual expenses of the home security system.

3. Size does matter

Although some security companies might tell you there is only one kind of security system available for everyone; this is not true. In fact, there are several types and sizes, each of which can be customized accordingly to fit a home or business owner’s needs.

Doing so will surely cost more, but it will also provide you with a higher level of security, as it will be designed carefully to fit your home/ business and way of life.

A small system might be sufficient to secure a small home, but in case you own a bigger house, you will need to refer to a company that sells large monitoring systems. Large homes need a system that covers all windows and doors, as well as the grounds.

4. Company ensuring client safety

A home security company’s effort to ensure their client’s safety can tell you a lot about their mission. They should rattle off a decent list of security measures such as:

  • Fully bonded
  • Background checks and clearances for all employees
  • Certified electricians to verify your system
  • Written guarantee on your home alarm system
  • Errors and omissions insurance

Edward Siedle, a contributor at Forbes, faced damage to his home artifacts by a certain security company. He advises people to scrutinize the providers and consider the formidable risks they pose.

“The people you allow into your home may be able to inventory your belongings and will forever know the details of your security system. They may share their knowledge of your home with unsavory friends. If they are not trustworthy, trust me (based on my personal experience), you’ll pay the price, he says.

5. Look into the complaints

Not all home security providers are equal. Legitimately, the company should have at least 10 years of experience, some solid reviews from former and existing customers and use the latest technology.

Both negative and positive reviews are helpful in getting a full feel of the security providers. Make sure that the complaints made are from valid consumers. In the end, you want to know that the people behind the product are those you can trust.

All in all

Remember to conduct thorough research before purchasing a home security system. Look into the differences between the types of systems as well as some of the additional features, to determine what you want.

Finally, don’t spend money unnecessarily on extras and find a company that is within 250 miles for the best possible protection.


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