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How to Fix a Leaking Skylight – Quick and Easy Solution

Skylight windows allow to increase the usable area significantly and are integral comfort element of the “roof” rooms.  These are complex technical systems equipped with various opening mechanisms, therefore, considering their location and technical complexity, service and repair of such systems are recommended to be carried out exclusively by specialists.  In this article we will review how to repair a skylight and what steps to take to prevent this problem.

How to fix a leaking skylight: types of work

  • Fitting adjustment. The system can’t be used if original shape is violated. If the window does not close completely and the sash rubs the frame the gap will be formed.  Consequently, you will shortly start to experience blowing out from the windows.  If the gap is between the window unit and roof than the problem requires reinstallation of the whole unit, if blowing out comes between the frame and glazed part – than consider fitting adjustment as the first thing to do.  Apex Window Werks professionals will quickly diagnose and solve problem of any complexity.
  • Glass change in skylight systems. Glass damages, caused by hard rain or hail, will lead to glass change.  You can always do sealing of cracked elements to solve the problem for short term.
  • Restoration of window seals. Incorrect installation, poor quality waterproofing abilities together with worn out sealing tape lead to leakage and appearance of condensation and fungus on skylight windows. This is an obvious reason to contact a qualified technician.  The first thing to do is to lessen humidity inside the room by installing automatic ventilation system or changing the window to efficient energy saving one.  If condensate is inside the double-glazed window then you deal with loss of tightness and should change the unit.
  • Work with fittings. If the window handles jam and hard to turn, a skylight window vibrates and gives a cracking sound when interacting with it, it means that the fittings have become unusable and should be fixed by experienced technician.  To prolong the life of window unit, adjust and lubricate the fittings twice a year, clean and moisturize the sealing to secure it from drying out. This will help to prevent the problems for a very long time.

How to repair a leaking skylight: DIY vs professional approach

Skylights are used in roofing systems that can be located at an angle of 45 to 70 degrees to the horizon. Naturally, they are influenced more by rain, hail, ultraviolet light and temperature drops compering with conventional vertical windows.

skylight repair

The very first step on repair route direction is to diagnose the problem.  You need to check the window thoroughly.  Some damage, such as crack of glass unit, problems with insulation and fittings, is visible while others can be found only due to dismantle works of the window.  Once the problem is revealed you should proceed with fix works.

Let us now review the basic steps on how to repair a cracked skylight dome. 

Skylight repair tips:

  • partial dismantling of the roof and insulation material, that is located in the area close to the broken profile;
  • remove the window itself by taking out the fittings, sashes and, if necessary, the glazed unit;
  • replace defective parts (covers, glazed unit, insulation, accessories).
  • ensure the sealing and insulation of the window.
  • collect the window unit by replacing all the removed elements.
  • adjust the fittings, even if there were no problems before the start of repair works. Even a minor intervention can affect the performance of the fittings, therefore, the regulation of this element of the window structure occurs after every repair work.
  • return insulation materials and roofing.

The process of restoring a window profile will depend on the opening mechanism and the material from which it is made of. Repairing wooden windows is more difficult, since special protective liquids, special sealants, paints and varnishes are used. One of the most difficult processes is the restoration of a skylight wooden window.

A plastic skylight window is easier to fix. The most serious problem the owners of such windows often face is sash displacement.  Partial dismantling of the window and replacement of the seal will be required.  The window frame is rarely replaced and done only if there were mistakes at the installation process.  It is necessary to restore the profile geometry. Slight window problems can be repaired within less than an hour. Once restored, the skylight window will look and function like new one.

It is recommended to invite service representatives to perform a professional inspection of the window and, if necessary, insulate the gaps between the window frame and the roof every five years.  All other window service work is to be carried out this time as well to delay “fix a skylight” problem.

Fixing a skylight, one may require special knowledge and skills.  Due to location of such windows and complexity of the unit it is recommended to trust this work to professionals, such as Apex Window Werks workers are.  Let us repair a leaking skylight for you.

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