Frugal Secrets: Helpful and Sneaky Tricks in Buying Home Furniture

Imagine your home. What do you want to put in a bedroom? How about in the living room? Now, you probably want to buy a cozy sofa or a fancy dining table. You start to browse catalogs admiring every design. Then going out for furniture shopping suddenly excites you.

But here comes the worst part, you don’t like it in person as much as it did in the picture plus at some point, it’s pricey. Reality strikes, you can’t afford everything. It is already a given fact that furniture doesn’t come cheap.

But here’s a good thing for you. You don’t need to spend a thousand dollar just to upgrade your home furniture. Here are the frugal and sneaky ways for wallet-friendly furniture shopping.

Give A Call


Kevin Brasler, executive editor of Checkbook, said that many stores offer different prices for an exact item. So before going to stores, call ahead and ask for the price. After calling at least three stores, you can now compare prices and go for the cheapest. Exact furniture for the best price!

If you have a lot of time to go store to store, it’s better. But for the busy people, phone calls would do just to save time and energy.

Take A Walk


If you want to save money, you just have to walk a little farther until you can find the back of the stores. Usually, managers or owners store the furniture with glitches. Floor models, tables, benches and sofas with little imperfections can come with a mega discounted prices. Take advantage and start to bargain.

Purchase Exchanged Furniture

Returned and exchanged furniture can be a good choice. It doesn’t mean that it’s low quality because the first buyer returned it.

Maybe you could find one that fits your style and comfort. If a buyer discards one, you can find the opportunity for another bargain. Inquire for returns at hand for discounts to the salesperson assigned.

Use Your Bargaining Skills


If you can negotiate with for a house’s price, then surely you can bargain for furniture. Yes, the process can be taxing, but it will be beneficial to stretch your trading budget to the minimum. Based on Consumer Reports Survey, 87% of hagglers get rewards at least one.

The survey shows that those who challenged their mobile phone plans saved $80. And those successful furniture hagglers saved $300 on average, same as those who questioned a health-related charge.

You have to ask to get an extra discount. If you don’t want to ask in person, send an email and request for the lowest price that they can give to you.  And even in delivery fees, you can save dollars if you make use of bargaining tricks.

Ask for Senior Discounts


If you have senior citizen member at home, use their cards and get 10% to 20% discount. Many furniture-selling units offer over-55 rebates. They held Senior Day for senior citizens who wish to shop with crowd large discounts.

Find What You Want Before It’s on Sale

Furniture and mattress shopping during a sale can be difficult and frustrating if you haven’t done any research first. Stores will be full of shoppers. Salespeople are occupied and distracted.  You need to take your time in searching for the furniture that you want such as a couch, dining table, bed or any furniture that you like and then jump on a sale price.

Buy at Estate Sales

Rather than spending dollars at stores, you can spend less in estate sales. Estate furniture is also of great quality. According to Blue Moon Estate Sales, item prices are 30% to 50% lesser to the original. If you want to go for estate sales, you need to arrive early. Remember, it’s competition to the fittest. It’s also best to know what items you want to buy.

Reuse and Recycle

If you are artsy enough to reuse and recycle old furniture, use it to your advantage. You can transform furniture that loses its aesthetics but still possesses durability into something new.

Set a little paint on your old doors, desk, and closets. Transform an old wardrobe to a fancy looking bench or book rack. Saving money is also a matter of innovation.

Use Cards and Vouchers

Vouchers and rewards card is a common marketing tool for realtors and businesses. Online shops deliver coupons digitally through sending emails, and some traditional marketers offer deals at furniture and home improvement departments. Make use of those money-saving papers. The discounts can be a substantial amount for you to buy other stuff.


These small habits can be a way to save multifold of dollars every year. If you just learn how to take time, there’s no way that you can’t save money. Earning great items for less money is a matter of persistence and negotiation.

If you keep on purchasing just to keep up with your friends, then you’re putting a burden on yourself. Start to think big and look at the wider picture. Save for more while getting the things that you envision.

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