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How to Transform a Small Garden on Budget

For many families in the UK, the garden is a sanctuary that gifts them with relaxation, satisfaction and nutrition. According to recent research, the appeal of your garden can also improve the value of your home by 10-20%. Having a small garden doesn’t mean your hands are tied when it comes to adding decorations. With the right approach, you can add variety and breath new life to your outdoor space. Below are inexpensive ideas on how to spruce up your garden.

Add a Water Feature

A fountain can be a visual focal point of your garden. The sound of running water also has a calming and soothing effect on the human brain. According to an outdoor specialist, a water feature adds beauty, and the splashing, bubbling or trickling sound reduces noise pollution, giving you peace of mind. A Huffington Post article notes that a water feature is a refreshing way to add a splash to a small garden. There are fountains of varying size, shape and sculpture designs, and you can find one that blends into your yard. Fountains are easy to maintain, and can also help you attract birds and butterflies, giving your outdoor area a more natural look.

Use Rocks and Remnant Stone for Hardscaping

Using off-the-shelf material can be a great way to add character to your garden at a low cost. Remnant stones come in different size, shapes, texture and a wealth of color. You can easily purchase them in different places at a small price. They can be used to build walkways, patios, retainer walls, edges, and driveways. Rocks and remnant stones add beauty, are durable and give you the flexibility of installing them in various patterns. To prevent trampling, use crushed gravel and river rocks to create garden walks in the high traffic areas of your outdoor space.

Utilize Hanging Planters

Hanging baskets are the ultimate solution when you have limited space and a tight budget. They free up space, draw visual interest and enhance the look of your outdoor space. A hanging planter is ideal for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. According to an Article in The Spruce, building your own hanging planter can help you cut costs and get that bloom you have always wished for. All you need is containers like bowls, cans, tins or baskets, liners to retain water, hanging ropes, potting soil, and proper plant selection. Make sure to place the hangers correctly depending on the amount of sunlight needed by each plant. You can grow flowers like Begonia, Verbena, Lantana, Million Bells and edibles like strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs. By combining a variety of flowering plants, you are assured of a colorful space.

With a little creativity, you can make your small garden more charming and inviting. There are numerous ways to facelift a dull outdoor space within a budget. Whether you plant up, illuminate your garden with solar powered lights or use salvaged hardscaping materials, you are guaranteed of achieving an elegant look that attracts attention in your small garden.

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