How Investing In A New Boiler Can Save You Money

There are many reasons why households avoid replacing their boilers, the main one being that people assume it costs a fortune. Although a new boiler does involve an initial investment, there are now plenty of payment plans and boiler options available so households can find the right solution for their unique needs. If your boiler is coming up to being a decade old, the chances are it will be costing you far more than necessary to heat your home.

Here are some of the top ways that opting for a new boiler can save you money…


If you bought your current boiler many years ago, it will probably have a significantly lower energy rating than boilers on the market today. On top of this, the parts of older boilers naturally corrode over time with prolonged use, meaning they have to work harder and use extra energy to do their job.

New boiler models are, by law, A-rated for efficiency, meaning they are above 90% efficient in their energy usage when heating homes. Modern boilers can perform better using much less energy, allowing households to fork out far less on their energy bills each month.

Developing technology

Over the years, boiler technology has naturally evolved and developed, meaning newer models are far more accessible and allow homes to take far more control of the temperature of their home and energy bills. Smart meters can be installed for households to monitor their energy usage 24/7 and notice any sudden changes. What’s more, the release of new technology like the famous ‘Nest’ that connects to an app on smartphones, means your boiler can be controlled when out and about. ‘Nest’ technology can even learn the routines of your household and identify if there’s anyone in the house to automatically lower or increase the temperature.

We’ve all been there where we’ve set off to go out for the day and realised the boiler’s been left running. By having more control over your heating, you can save a ton of money on energy bills long term. Most new boilers today are compatible with smart meters and Nest technology – some even come with a free Nest included. BOXT provide a free Google Nest learning thermostat with every combi boiler, so you can benefit from a new boilers A-rated energy-efficiency and the convenience that comes with having a smart thermostat installed in your home. BOXT only offer the best combi boiler brands in the business and can have a brand new boiler installed in your home as soon as the next day, if ordered before 3pm!

More security and reliability

As well as new boilers being far more technologically advanced, they can also help households to save money with minimised maintenance costs. Newer boiler models can provide far more security in being far less prone to breakages or needing replacement parts. After all, it’s not cheap to call your engineer out – the less you have to do this, the better.

Most new boilers will also come with an up-to-date warranty, which, if you ensure to book in for annual services, will protect you from any unexpected breakdowns.

Find the right boiler type for your home

Another positive of opting for a new boiler is you can reassess the right boiler type to suit your home. The most common boiler type for the average British home is a combi boiler, however if you live in an older or larger home, a conventional or system boiler may be your best bet. Making sure your home has the right type of boiler installed means you won’t have to make your boiler work extra hard to heat your home by overspending on energy costs.

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