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How Much Do Double Glazing Windows Cost In The UK In 2019?

Every day in the UK, people have new double glazing windows installed in their homes. Double glazing has an endless list of advantages that are appealing to homeowners for a number of clear reasons – increased energy efficiency, better security, noise reduction, various styles – but what’s not always clear is how much double glazing windows cost in the UK in 2019.

How Much Do Double Glazing Windows Cost?

It’s nearly impossible to give a ‘one size fits all’ price for double glazing windows because there are so many factors that will influence your final quotation. A trusted window company will take a number of things into account when generating a quote for your new double glazing windows, to ensure that you’re happy with the projected costs before any works commence.

Kenneth Hislop of Window Advice Centre – double glazing specialists in Glasgow – says that “there is no easy way to give a one-off price for double glazing windows as every customer has different requirements, and there are a number of different things that contribute to the overall quote, such as the size, the material, the amount and the style of the windows”.

The 4 Main Determining Factors Of The Cost Of Double Glazing Windows Are:

1. The Size Of Double Glazing Windows

The bigger your windows are, the more expensive they will be, especially if you’re thinking about French doors and patio doors. More larger windows will mean more money, but at the same time, if you are replacing old and outdated windows, you are making a sensible investment into the value and thermal efficiency of your property, which in the long run – will save you and make you money!

2. The Style Of Double Glazing Windows

Another determining factor for the cost of your new double glazing windows is the style you choose. Not all windows have the same manufacturing and installation requirements and as a result, prices can vary. Styles include standard UPVC windows, sash windows, bay windows, and more. If you have a style in mind, be sure to discuss this with your window company to receive an accurate quotation.

3. The Material Of Double Glazing Windows

The main materials used to make window frames for double glazing are UPVC, aluminium and wood. The material you choose for your window frames will impact the overall price. The cheapest option tends to be UPVC windows, followed by aluminium and then timber. However, cheaper may not meet your requirements. Aluminium window frames cost more due to the use of more expensive materials, but this certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that although UPVC is cheaper, it’s still a long-lasting, durable and attractive option for your new windows.

4. The Amount Of Double Glazing Windows

It goes without saying that the more windows you require, the more your new double glazing windows will cost. When replacing your windows, it’s always best to have them all replaced at the same time. If you are working with a tight budget and replacing your windows is a necessity, speak to your local window company about the most cost-effective options for you.

Helpful? We Hope So!

Trying to budget for new windows isn’t always easy when prices aren’t black and white. Contact a few different reputable window companies for quotes to assess the affordability and suitability of installing new windows in your home. Don’t forget, new double glazing windows will add value to your property too.

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