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A Season-by-Season Lawn Care Guide

Taking care of your lawn isn’t just a job for the summer months! Keeping it looking green, healthy & lush requires year-round care and attention.

Fear not though – if you want to achieve a lawn that will make you the envy of your neighbours, simply follow this season-by-season lawn care guide created by Compost Direct.

Early Spring is the best time to clear away debris, treat any problem moss and give your lawn its first cut of the year (being careful not to go too short). As Spring moves on, mowing can become more frequent and you can start applying fertiliser. The warmer weather will also mean more weeds, which you will need to keep an eye on heading into Summer.

Once you reach June, it’s time to water your lawn more frequently – early morning or late evening are the best times to do this, as it prevents the water from simply evaporating away. You can apply fertiliser as often as needed throughout June, July and August whilst keeping on top of weeds. If insects become an issue in the Summer, contact a reputable pest control service such as Crazylegspestcontrol – Rosemead.

September is a crucial time for your lawn, as Summer is now over and it’s the time to prepare your lawn for the Winter – remove any build-up of thatch, aerate your soil to avoid compaction, and overseed any brown patches that took a beating over the summer. You should also apply a suitable Autumn/Winter fertiliser. Your schedule will become less hectic in the colder months, with mowing becoming less frequent and winding-down around October or November (depending on temperatures). Like in early Spring, cut your grass a little longer and keep on clearing away debris and treating any problem areas.

Check out the infographic below for even more lawn care tips!

lawn care infographic

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