As storm season approaches, here’s how to protect your home

Storms can vary in severity, and the worst ones can leave a trail of destruction in their wake whether that is from flooding, lightning or gale force winds. The annual cost of storm damage can cost up to millions each year so as the season approaches; it’s important to how you can keep your home safe from damage.

Check for any obvious or potential issues on your roof

Giving your roof a health-check will give you a head start on any issues that might be made worse by a storm. Over time, even the tamest of weathers can take their toll on your roof so carry out an inside inspection by sitting in your attic and checking for issues such as sagging, water rings, holes and dark patches that could indicate rot. Outside, you should check for any loose or damaged roof tiles that could be made worse by wind and rain. It is vital that you carry out this inspection only when you have the correct safety equipment and when in doubt you should always seek help from a professional Newcastle roofing company.

Secure any weak fences or posts

Fences aren’t only put in place for aesthetic purposes; they help to keep your garden and house secure. If you have a fence that is made of wood, it’s likely that it will be prone to problems during a storm, but there are a few things you can do to prevent this. Check your fence for any loose posts, boards or panels as these will be more susceptible to high winds. Replacing these and trimming any trees that are close to your fence will allow it to stand strongly against the wind.

Check satellite dishes and reduce debris

If you check your roof yourself, you should make sure that you check that all satellite dishes are secure. Similarly, you should make sure to remove any outdoor debris that could be swept up in the storm and cause damage. This includes things like grills, picnic tables and outdoor furniture or decorations.

Seal doors and windows

Of course, your doors and windows are also vulnerable to storms. It only takes one bit of debris to be swept up in a gust and shatter some glass, thus leaving your home exposed to the elements. Some window and door protection can be done yourself, but for others, you’d be advised to hire a professional contractor. Things like hurricane film and plywood can be an easy DIY job, but storm shutters and the installation of high-impact glass will be a little more costly and need a professional hand. Remember that garage doors are big targets for strong gusts so to protect it, install vertical and horizontal two by four boards that can be anchored to the walls using a drill.

Deal with drainage problems

Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters to avoid drainage problems in your home – something you certainly don’t want during a torrential downpour! You should also make sure that areas, where water can drain onto the foundation, are properly cleared as not to cause water damage when the storm hits.

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