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Temporary Fix: 3 DIY Functional Bed Designs that You Need to Know

You deserve a rest after a tiring day at work or a deep slumber after sleepless nights of studying for an upcoming exam. Aside from the pillows, blanket, and mattress, it is also important to have a good bed structure that will give you the perfect kind of comfort, and more than just its pleasing aesthetics.

But what if you want to have the best bed and at the same time keep a tight budget? Or what if you cannot simply decide what kind and design of bed to buy for your bedroom? Create yourself your desired style of bed with these three do-it-yourself bed design ideas.

Reclaimed Wood Bed

bed designs

Are you having a difficult time cleaning your yard filled with wood scraps after your home renovation? Do you have some spare wood that you want to keep because maybe you will be using it for some do-it-yourself projects for home decors? Or do you only want a bed design that will give you a feeling of being one with nature?

If you answer ‘yes’ to all of those mentioned above, then reclaimed wood beds are for you! With this kind of bed, you can have an affordable, creative, and sturdy bed that gives warmth and natural tranquility of the wood. Aside from cleaning your yard with scraps of wood, you can now turn it into useful furniture with a touch of natural aesthetics.

Free-hanging Bed

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If you are fond of upgrading your home furniture into a multifunctional one, then try it out with your bed. You can use your bed in the night as a simple sleeping furniture and then turn it into a suspended day-bed that you can hang between two trees in your garden just like a swing. You can take a break under the warmth of the sun.

More than swinging in the good times, free-hanging beds are also space-saving because you can use the floor below to put your other stuff like your storage boxes, dressers, or even a study table.

Storage Bed

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Do not let your clothes, shoes, and other stuff to pile around and turn your bedroom into a mess. Perhaps you do not have any space in your wardrobe anymore, and your storage boxes are already bursting at the seams, then it is about time that you turn your bed into a mini storage room.

If you are living in a tiny apartment and you are having a hard time trying to fit all of your things in your place, then a storage bed is the solution to your problem. You do not have to buy a contemporary-designed storage bed online or in the local mall. You can turn your bed into one with some fixings and skills in carpentry.


Compact, space-saving and multifunctional furniture are the latest trends today. With the DIY projects for home improvements online, you do not have to buy that expensive bed if you can make it at home. More than the comfort and relaxation that every person wants, a bed with modern, compact, and space-efficient features is what every bedroom needs.


Janis Walker

Janis Walker is a full-time interior design student and a part-time freelance blogger in Beds Online. She loves to share her knowledge about the latest home designs to her readers around the globe. During her pastime, she likes to take care of her garden and makes her yard as lovely as it has never been before.


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