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Top 5 Reasons to Survey Your Land

Although a land survey may seem like an unnecessary hassle and expense, there are several situations where the process is fully warranted. Furthermore, a reputable land surveyor will not only measure your property, but they’ll research existing documentation about your property on your behalf as well. All this could save you considerable stress at a later date.

Here are 5 common scenarios when a survey of your land is required.

You’re Looking to Buy

If you’ve got your eye on the ideal new property or home, then it’s wise to get a land survey done before signing off on the dotted line. Even though it may not be a requirement to obtain a mortgage, surveying a potential new property is the only sure-fire way of discovering any boundary discrepancies ahead of time which could significantly alter the final purchase price.

Furthermore, an ongoing discrepancy with your neighbour could result in severe legal and social complications for years to come.

You’re Looking to Sell

It also makes sense to get a land survey done before selling as it could substantially increase the value of your home. Should you have better road access than previously thought or a larger acreage or shoreline, then your property value will jump sky high overnight. Another common situation is that new buyers often want to see a recent land survey before committing to a purchase. If you’ve got one ready to go, then that’s one less hurdle to jump when selling your home.

Before Building On Your Property

If you’re planning to build on your property, it’s worth getting a land survey done to iron out any potential border discrepancies. This advice holds particularly true when constructing larger or more expensive edifices near the previously established border. Should you accidentally build over your neighbour’s property, then you’d be up for a hefty legal headache indeed.

Be sure to consider things like easements and setbacks and never let a builder make their own determination of where to build without consulting an up to date survey.

During A Boundary Dispute

Regardless of whether you’re building or not, it’s sensible to do a land survey if you’re involved in any kind of boundary dispute. A recent land survey from a certified professional provides indisputable evidence regarding the boundaries of your property, which could be invaluable. Some more amicable neighbours may even agree to share the cost of the survey to solve the issue once and for all.

Furthermore, if your neighbour is doing a sizeable construction near the border and you suspect it may infringe on your property, then it would be sensible to get a survey done. That way, you can quickly prevent them from building over the top of your rightful land.

If There Hasn’t Been One for a Long Time

Some rural or semi-rural properties may not have been surveyed for decades or even centuries. If that sounds like your place, then consider getting one done ASAP to ensure you’re not encroaching on anyone’s land or vice versa. Nowadays, modern technologies such as GPS and computer-assisted surveying tools can provide accurate results in a reasonable amount of time.

As you can see, there are a number of viable reasons for getting a land survey of your property. And getting one done ahead of time could work out to be considerably more effective than waiting until you need one further down the track.

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