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The Various Causes of Blocked Drains and How to Avoid Them

A blocked drain can trouble you at any time. Even if you are taking the appropriate steps to avoid this problem, there will still be times when you may get this unpleasant surprise. There are various causes behind the drain getting blocked. Every time you do the dishes, pieces of things fall to the drain. Similarly, when you wash your hair, some bits and pieces will move to the drain. Slowly and gradually such bits and pieces built up to block the drain. As a result, water fails to pass through the drains, requiring you to take a step. You are left with two options either to call a professional plumber or use a plunger.

If this happens to you, you will need to immediately take the required steps to avoid the situation where their drain may get blocked. It will be good if you avoid doing things yourself. Call a professional to avoid future plumbing issues. A plumber can inspect the plumbing system to help you avoid major problems in the future. With the help of tools and equipment, the plumber can diagnose the issue and repair your blocked drain.

Foreign Objects Getting Stuck Up in The Drains

Blocked drains are mostly resulted due to our negligence, the soap bits, baby wipes, nappies, plastic sachets other such items that are flushed out from the kitchen sinks are then blocked.

The Accumulation of Fat and Grease

It is very easy to prevent fat and grease accumulation. After doing the dishes, people will have a tendency to wash the sinks, thereby draining the bits and pieces. There are fatty substances that are also drained in the meanwhile. Such substances get stuck up around the pipe. This again clogs the drain and thus you need to be careful. So, you need to make sure that you have a proper structure that can help you in taking care of the fat and grease. These mostly come out from your cooking vessels and oils in the kitchen; so, you need to be careful to install traps on the sinks and other outlets that could cause this problem.

Hair Causes an Annoying Obstruction in The Drain Line

Hair fall is also a major culprit resulting in drain blockage. But, if there is too much built up of hair or accumulation in the plug, your drains may get blocked and so you need to be careful about this aspect. Check the plug hole for the accumulation of hair and have a timely cleaning schedule. By regularly checking the plughole, you may avoid instances of blocked drain.

Ways to Avoid Blocked Drains

  • If you have blocked drains due to tree roots, you need to take professional help to tackle this situation. It is also important to replace the section and keep it moisture and water tight to prevent roots from growing back.
  • Never pour grease and fatty substances down the drain
  • Hair gets tangled inside the drains. After a period of time, the hair strands from the heap inside. To avoid this, you must pick strands of hair after bathing to avoid the buildup.

blocked drains

Make sure that you never ignore the blocked drain. A minor issue may become major one at any time if you do not take good care. It is good to have the contact number of emergency plumbers on hand so that you can get their help at any given time. Preventive measures will ensure that you do not get this problem often; however, you will need to put forth efforts to carry out preventive measures on a regular basis.

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