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Wall Decorations That Will Bring Your Home to Life

No matter how much space is taken up by furniture in your home, you always have plenty of wallspace. So if you’re lacking ideas for floor plans and furniture arrangements, take your decorating to the walls.

Wall decorations are seemingly endless. There are so many different ways you can decorate your interior walls to give your home just the touch that you want it to have.


You don’t need to get a big, bulky bookshelf to add some shelving to your home. Find some cool floating shelves that match your interior, and install them on a wall that’s out of the way of the main foot traffic in your home (you don’t need anyone hitting their heads on them).

These shelves will add even more space to decorate! You can place books on them, or find fun little accent pieces and plants to enhance your interior design. They can act as a functional piece to create more space in a small apartment for storing items, or you can use them to add more elements of design.

If you live in an apartment or home managed by a company like Rooftop Real Estate Management, be sure to ask your property managers before installing an major hardware in the walls.

Time Pieces

It’s always nice to have an extra clock to glance up at when you don’t have your phone on you. But more than that, a clock can be a great accent piece for the design of your home. You can find a large clock that becomes a focal piece, or a smaller one that matches your style to accent the rest of your design.

Try using a clock in a gallery on your wall with some family photos in cute frames.

Seasonal Decor

Especially as fall is upon us and the holidays are fast approaching, now is a great time to look into some seasonal decor for the walls in your home. For the fall and Thanksgiving, decorations that are reminiscent of harvest and falling leaves are a great way to go, especially if you have a rustic feel in your home. Think pumpkins, reds, oranges, browns, burlap, and leaves. Hang wooden signs with phrases like “Grateful”, “Give Thanks”, or “Hello Fall!”.

And as Christmas approaches, switch those decorations out for twinkling lights, ornaments, stockings, etc. Use silvers, reds, golds, greens, and light blues to decorate your home. Cinnamon pine cones and holiday candles can be added to your floating shelves.

Vinyl Lettering

You can add vinyl lettering to your walls. Add a meaningful phrase in a scripted font to go along with your family photos, around your clock, or above your shelves. Search through Thoughts in Vinyl’s vinyl phrases for seasonal and family phrases. These are great because they don’t jut out from the wall.


You can’t go wrong with some great pieces of art. Everyone has their own style, so find something that suits your liking and the style of your home. Whether it is a famous painting, a print, or something your made yourself, it can be a great addition. You might even decide you want one wall to hold a gallery of artwork.

These are only a few of the many possibilities that you can take with your interior walls. Get creative and have fun with it!

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