4 Great Pets for New Pet Owners

Pet ownership is widespread in the United States, with 68% of households owning at least one pet. Pet ownership is like an unofficial rite of passage. I have never seen pet ownership being so highly celebrated as I have the past few years. Just having a pet makes you more interesting.

It is important to understand the benefits and responsibilities that are generally associated with certain types of pets. Without further ado, let’s take a look at common, yet great pet choices for new pet owners.


Having a dog in today’s world seems more important to some than having a car. Dogs are generally very friendly, cute pets. Though they are friendly, many dogs become intensely protective of their owners and families. Dogs are usually very energetic and need to be walked daily. If you are looking for a hands-off approach to having a pet, then dogs are not the right option. Dogs want to play and be wherever they sense any excitement. If they see something cool when you are on a walk, they will try and run to it. If you are an avid animal lover and love when animals love you, then you want a dog. It will literally turn into your best friend.

Pros: Easy to love, loves you, energetic and likes to play

Cons: Energy can be a lot to handle, will likely make messes


Cats crack me up. Cats have received a stereotype of giving their owners a hard time. We have all seen a video where a cat pushes something off a counter and it breaks. In reality, cats just tend to be more solitary. They want to do their own thing, and many don’t love constant attention. It seems like cats only want love when they want it. Sure, they will come and sit next to you on the couch. Maybe they will even let you pet them. The second they are done though, they are gone. Fill up their food and water regularly and you might never see it depending on the cat. If you want a pet that you can enjoy, but not be constantly attending to, a cat is a great option.

Pros: Self-sufficient, nothing is cuter than a kitten, easy to care for

Cons: many don’t want love, will definitely break at least one thing


Fish are great because they require almost no maintenance, but are really cool to watch swim around. All that really goes into caring for fish is feeding them and regular cleaning of their tank. Fish in a pet store come in a ton of varieties, from typical goldfish to more exotic, brightly colored fish. When I was a kid, there was almost nothing cooler than when a friend had an awesome fish tank. Just seeing the different fish swim around their tank, complete with plants and plastic accessories, was so cool.

Pros: minimal effort involved, look awesome

Cons: kind of pointless for an adult, no real interaction with pet


Unless you were terrified of birds as a kid I am confident you wanted a parrot so you could teach it to talk. Birds that are typically kept as pets are beautiful and colorful. They are not going to require a ton of upkeep, generally, it will just involve daily feeding and watering. When trained well, birds can who are let out of their cage and will remain calm and pretty still. It is important to allow them to have out of cage time each day. Birds can be surprisingly interactive with their owners, sitting on your arm or shoulder and seeking out interaction with you. Some birds can be a little noisy, so if that is a deal breaker, avoid getting a bird.

Pros: Pretty, simple to care for, sound cool

Cons: Noisy, kind of creepy eyes

All pets should be loved and cared for, period. You should not get a pet just because you want one, and you should make sure that you are well educated on your pets needs. Every pet needs daily food, water, and bathroom access. Pets should be vaccinated and have regular check-ups, just like humans. Just search for a veterinarian near you to make sure you have a good doctor looking out for your pet. Many pets will require a lot of time and attention, so don’t get a pet if you are not willing to give them the attention they deserve. Owning a pet is awesome, and if done right you will not just have a pet, you will have another member of your family.

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