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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Beach Cruiser

There are many beach cities in the US. Perhaps you live in one, or you get out occasionally for a vacation. You do not want to just sit around on the beach with your feet buried in the warm sand. You want to get up and do something useful and enjoy different parts of the beach. Cruising on a bike is one of the best ways to see all the attractions on the beach. If you need to buy a good beach cruiser, here are the most important things that you should consider:

Your Budget

How much you are willing to spend on a beach cruiser will determine the kind of bike that you will get. Six or seven speed cruisers are costlier, so are the bikes made of aluminum frames as compared to single speed and steel frame bikes. You have to consider your speed needs too. If you love fast rides, a bike that can do more than 15mph is good, but will be costlier than one designed to do less than that.

Your Size

The size factor when buying a bike is actually universal, covering all sorts of bikes. Simply said, your comfort on the bike depends on many things and the size is the highest on the list. If you buy a bike that is too small for you, getting around on the beach will be a problem.

If you buy a bike that is too big for you, it will make you sorely uncomfortable. The good thing with buying a beach cruiser online is that there are sizing charts for you. You can order a perfect-size bike for your use online. When seated with your leg on the pedal and hands on the handlebars, there should be some slack in the elbows. If your arms stretch all out, that bike is either too big or the seat is too high for you.


You must consider this because gears are for speed. Thus, you will find that many beach cruisers come in different numbers of gears, some at three, others at six or even seven.

You may also consider getting a single speed cruiser which only has a single speed setting. Really, it all depends on the kind of riding that you do. If you only want to do short rides on a fairly flat terrain, single speed setting is just right for you. If you will be riding long distance on some hilly terrain, a bike with many speed settings would be appropriate.

The Bike Material

Most bikes nowadays are made of two types of materials; aluminum or steel. Now, considering that the beach air and environment is quite salty and moist, a steel bike may eventually get some rust. However, an aluminum bike will not but it is costlier at the same time. Steel framed bikes are cheaper, but heavier. If you choose the best beach cruiser for sale, you can expect to have a sturdy built. If you are a strong, big man, you can coose one of the best men’s cruiser bikes available online.

The Brake Type

You will have two options here: the handbrake or the coaster brake. The handbrake is the most popular with most people as you just have to squeeze your beach cruiser to a stop. The best thing about such brakes is that there is a brake on each side and so when one fails, it is quite possible to ride with the other brake.

The coaster brake helps you to coast to a gentle stop. You have to engage this one by foot, by pedaling backwards and so the hands do not have to squeeze as hard as you would with the handbrake. Coaster brakes are easy to maintain and they rarely fail.

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