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6 Great Ways to Get Out of the House on a Rainy Day

You’ve been loving the heat of summer, but it has to cool down some time, and with a little rain comes the challenge of finding a way to satisfy your restless spirit outside the four walls of your own home.

Not everyone loves the rain, but there is definitely a refuge for everyone from the storm. Not sure what yours is? Maybe it’s one of these six places!

A Cinema

For the cinephile, you might simply be in need of a venue change. So press pause on your current Netflix binge and head out to your favorite movie theatre. It’s a great time to watch the blockbuster you’ve been waiting for or to sneak into a guilty pleasure film.

The movies are a super versatile social event, so invite a group of friends or go alone. And going to the cinema is the perfect way to satisfy your distracted mind so you can curl up in a comfy chair rather than try to expend energy you don’t have.

A Cafe

If anyone has ever said they weren’t hungry, they were lying. You can get out of the house by packing up your laptop and setting up shop in a cozy cafe with a marvelous window view of the rain.

Is your appetite begging for something a little more high end? Your favorite restaurant won’t turn you away either. And if nothing else, rainy days sure do ask for a side of comfort food.

A Music Venue

If you can’t go through a day without music, a live show is the perfect way to pass the time while rain patters on the roof. Not to mention, it provides the perfect ambiance to the low lighting and expectant atmosphere of other music-goers.

A Moving Vehicle

Maybe you want to get out, but all these stationary destinations just give you a feeling of being stuck. It looks like you are in need of a mini road trip. So pick up your best friend, load the back seat with snacks and drinks, and get out of town.

Driving through the country during a rainstorm can be a mesmerizing experience, and as a bonus, you’re more likely to see breathtaking vistas backlit by roiling clouds and lightning strikes.

A Hiking Trail

Most people are perfectly happy to laze away a rainy day, letting their mind wander until it’s time to pick up the pieces of reality again. But then there are the adventurers who are always looking for something exciting and new.

A rainstorm is the perfect opportunity to see your favorite hiking trail from a different point of view. Sometimes, if you wait for the rain to stop, you end up missing out, but sometimes the best memories come from excursions that come with a bit of long-suffering.

Be sure to bring a waterproof jacket and wear sturdy shoes so you can avoid any foot injuries or aggravations that would need a visit to the Teton Foot & Ankle Center.

A Library

A rainy day is a book lover’s dream, and what better way to spend that dream than at the local library? You can spend hours perusing the shelves and collecting a stack of books to satisfy all your interests.

Claim a comfy chair and read some along the way. Anything left over can come home with you later to cover any flash storms that you might not be expecting.

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