8 Shoe Tips For Optimal Foot Comfort

Shoes have an incredible impact on your foot health. A lot of people wear shoes more than they go barefoot, so the support that their shoe provides is crucial to their comfort. If you struggle with sore feet after a long day of wearing shoes, then here are a few quick tips for having happier feet.

When Purchasing Shoes

Afternoon – Your feet tend to swell as you go throughout your day so always try and purchase shoes at the end of the day. If you try on shoes in the morning then there is a chance you’ll get shoes that will be too small and will pinch after a full day of wearing them out and about.

Stand – Always, always, always stand up to see if the shoes actually fit. You want your longest toe to have around a quarter of an inch of space before you come to the end of the shoe.

Take a Stroll – Make sure you walk around the store in the shoes. Don’t just take two steps and call it good. Stroll down an aisle or two to see how the shoes feel.

If you can, try walking on both carpet and tile. You can even do a little jump to see what the support in the shoe feels like. Don’t be embarrassed, this is an investment and the comfort of your feet are at stake.

Sturdy Soles – Before actually purchasing a pair of shoes, flip them over in your hands and see how the sole is going to hold up. Will these provide you with comfort during a long day or are you going to regret your decision every time you come across a pebble in the street? Also, check to see if there are any tags or seams that might give you a blister.

Socks – If you’re buying shoes that will require socks, then try and bring socks along with you to purchase the shoes. The thickness of the material of your socks might change the size of the shoe you end up buying.

Shoes Everyday

Size – Your feet do not remain the same size your entire life. As you age the arch in your foot is beaten down and either that or weight gain can make you outgrow your favorite shoes. If your shoes start to feel like they pinch more than they used to then it might be time to retire your shoes and get a bigger size.

Wear and Tear – Shoes do not last forever. Eventually, the support in the shoe will begin to break down and they will no longer provide the comfort they used to. This will typically be long before the outer sole of the shoe wears out, so don’t look for that as an indicator that it’s time to get a new pair.

Change – Try not to wear the same shoes every single day all day long. Different shoes engage different muscles in your foot while resting others. Wearing the same shoes can cause certain muscles in your foot to work extra hard while others lose their strength. Change it up by wearing a different pair of shoes from one day to the next.

By following these simple tips your feet will thank you and will hopefully reduce trips to the foot doctor. Your feet are your base. You need to care about how you treat them so they can keep holding you up for years to come.

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