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What are the advantages of hiring a wedding planner?

Whether it’s a simple ceremony or a grand affair, wedding planning takes time and effort. A huge burden of responsibilities fall under the bride and groom in managing the wedding preparations well. The planning process includes deciding on décor, theme, flowers, music and so much more. The harder part is the execution part when you actually have to order the things and well manage those during the event. In these cases, a wedding planner is quite helpful for sharing the wedding planning and executing responsibilities.

It will save you money

You would think that only huge weddings require a wedding planner and if you are on a strict budget, hiring a wedding planner would cost you more. That is actually a wrong concept. You have no idea how much you would be saving simply by hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners have contacts in the field. They will find the most affordable vendors for you based on your budget. They keep track of the special offers, value deals and discounts and arrange those for you. Therefore, you would actually be saving a lot if you hire a wedding planner instead of managing things on your own.


It will help you reduce stress

Wedding planners have experience in the field and know all the possible situations that can go wrong. For instance, when you are stressing out on whether your wholeblossoms have arrived or not, you will find your wedding planner beside you. They will handle the stress on your end and let you enjoy your big day with friends and family. They know how to tackle stressful situations and always have a plan B if something goes wrong.

You will get insider knowledge

Wedding planning needs to be finalized within a limited amount of time. In this situation, it’s next to impossible to trial and error all the possible offers. For instance, when you are deciding on wedding flowers, it’s impossible to research and check the flower quality of every nearby online or offline shops. The wedding planner knows the best vendors and suppliers and they will shortlist some florists or websites such as wholeblossoms for you based on your preference. This insider knowledge makes the decision making a lot easier for you.


Planning will become flexible for you

When you are planning, you have a certain mindset about few things. For instance, you would probably want a specific flower or outfit for the wedding. You might have to reconsider due to budget constraint or implementation issues. Your wedding planner will adjust the plan based on your needs and help you execute your wishes in a well-managed way. At times, this will seem like a miracle to you, but they will get the job done somehow or the other.

Responsibilities will be shared now

If you and your groom are the only people handling everything on the wedding, you would not be able to enjoy your wedding day properly. That is because last moment glitches are very common during wedding days and you would have to tackle the issues on your own. But if you have a wedding planner, rest assured that all your problems will be handled properly. You can simply relax and enjoy your special day with your loved ones.


It will help you maintain strict timeline and budget

This is a common problem about couples when planning the wedding is to lose track of time, deadlines and budget. The wedding planner will schedule your meetings and appointments with the florist, baker, outfit designer etc. and will help you follow the strict timeline. Budget failures are common phenomenon during weddings. Going out of the budget would be a problem if you manage things on your own sometimes given the wedding stress and work. Your wedding planner will help you stay within your allocated wedding budget and manage the financial aspect for you.


At the end of the day, the most important factor is that you and your partner be able to enjoy your special day with your friends and family. Taking on all the wedding responsibilities on your own can be hectic and wedding planners share the burden with you.

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