How to Apply Makeup on Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it’s necessary to check your makeup to ensure it doesn’t produce more oil from your sebaceous or oil glands. It won’t help if the makeup you’re using causes more oil to appear on your skin. It cuts down the effect of the makeup for hiding pimples and blemishes.

The best way to help your oily skin is to learn the art of applying the makeup, so it doesn’t go bad. Here are some tips you can follow to create an oil-free look.

  • Wash or clean your face properly with a face wash and water to open up the pores. Then splash cold water on it to close down the pores. It assists extracting the excess oil without harming the skin. Use a moisturizer (the one containing no oil) with a sunscreen to prevent your skin.
  • Foundation is an important makeup tool. Use an oil-free foundation in thin layers to avoid any sort of caked on look. It must give you a natural flair. You can set the foundation with dabs a powder. You can use makeup setting spray or some kaolin clay that absorbs extra oil and let your makeup last longer.

The makeup setting spray is developed to protect all makeup from creasing or fading. It is a fine mist just like any hairspray. You can apply it to the completion of full face makeup. It gives a more elaborate look to your face. These are available in a massive range suiting every face and occasion.

Use it with caution. Shake the bottle, close down your eyes and spray it about ten inches away from your face.

  • Use a Matte Blush of a lighter shade than your normal skin tone. The matte palette has less oil than regular blush kit. It is highly recommended to avoid a cream blush completely, as it has an oil base that increases the level of oil in your face. You can even apply a fine layer of powdered blush to add that sparkle.
  • Lastly, finish up your look with eyeliner and an eyeshadow to your eyelids. But make sure to dab some foundation over the eyelids to treat the excess oil in the creases. Patting on the eyeshadow after applying the eyeliner, stays it for longer. Also, it doesn’t make creases in the eyelids.

Always put a makeup as per your skin tone and texture. If your skin is dry or oily or acne prone, treat it effectively as per the condition is. Ask the consultants and acquire the best makeup products to help your skin glow and shine. Follow these tips and apply your makeup like a professional.

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