Calling all Roses, Lilys and Heathers! This Study Shows the Nation’s Most Popular Baby Names

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans with a flower name, you’re likely always on the lookout for others that share your floral-based etymology. Interestingly, a new study from Spring Hill Nursery has some national insights for all the Lilies, Roses and Violets looking for data on the unique collection of floral-named Americans.

The study reported that the most popular flower-inspired names since 1900 have been Rose, Susan, Heather, Jasmine, and Lily. Each of the names had significant, even decades-long stretches of ranking within the Top 50 Baby Names in the country.

Looking at a broader scope, the study also revealed that since 1900, there have been no fewer than 15 floral-inspired names in the Top 1000 Baby Names in the country. That means you, your mom and your grandma likely all had a friend whose name was inspired by a flower.

It showed that a wide range of popular and more obscure names, like Zaryia and Delphine, have gained national popularity. What’s the reason for such a range? Many parents pick flower-inspired names based on the huge variety of flowers that they have seen in their favorite places or read about in their favorite books. Also, a number of flowers have meaningful names themselves. An article from Mental Floss shared that the word amaryllis, a popular name, comes from a Greek word meaning “to sparkle or shine”.

Finally, the study provided a state-by-state analysis for the most popular flower-inspired names. While Lily was the sweeping winner across the country, other names like Lily and Rose had regional popularity in the South and West, respectively.

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