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Essentials Wardrobe Selections: From New Grads to Professionals

A Simple Button Down

The simple button-down shirt is your best friend. You should get plain coloured button-down shirts like black, white or navy blue. Bright colours are distracting in the workplace and not very professional. You can look professional with little effort by wearing a button-down shirt. If you choose the white shirt, it would be smart to pack an extra. It’s easy to mess up a white shirt and hard to get it out. Make sure you iron and press out your button-up. The point of the shirt is to make you look clean and well put together.

How it Fits

How your outfit fits you leaves an impression on people about you. If you walk in a room with baggy or too big clothes. They will think you careless or messy. If you walk in a room with too tight clothes. They will think you are irresponsible and inappropriate. Your clothes fitting you just right shows that you care about your appearance. Make sure when you are buying your clothes you are buying the right size. Try them on before you leave the store to make sure they fit right. You can also get your clothes tailored.

The Right Shoes

You could have on the perfect outfit and ruin it with the wrong shoes. People buy clothes for work and forget about shoes. It results in them wearing casual shoes with a professional outfit. You may not think it matters because no one is looking at your feet. In a professional setting, they are looking at your whole outfit, including your shoes. When you buy your work suits and professional clothes, buy some shoes as well. Dress shoes like slacks are appropriate, and some are even comfortable, to wear to work.


When picking out your work outfit, it’s hard to decide on accessories. You are so used to wearing them. It’s hard not to put them on. You don’t have to break your old habits because it’s okay to wear them. The accessories you are used too won’t be appropriate for the workplace. You will need to trade that in for some plain and sophisticated accessories. A regular watch that matches your shirt or a wrist band that matches your khaki pants will do. Mens leather bags are fashionable accessories and very professional. The workspace is not a place to wear colourful and loud jewellery.


All workplaces will have a/c and get a little cold. It is smart to bring some type of outerwear and not only wear your shirt. You can’t walk into a workplace with your favourite hoodie or jean jacket. You won’t look professional at all. When trying to find the perfect outerwear blazers are your best friend. Blazers are sophisticated and make you look well dressed. A blazer will add something extra to your plain everyday work outfit. They are also thick and comfortable. You will stay warm and look well put together while doing so.

Keep Your Style

You will need to change a lot of things to look the part. One thing you won’t have to change is who you are. You don’t have to abandon style completely to look professional. You can put on some stockings with a hint of shimmer in them. They will add something to your work outfit and still look professional. Put on a silk scarf with some fun colours in it. Give your plain khaki outfit a little flavour. You can incorporate yourself into your work outfits. All you have to do is remember less is more and not to overdo it.


Picking the right fabric can make all the difference. You don’t want to buy the same clothes over and over again because yours are worn out. Buying cheap clothes can result in that or walking into the office with your clothes unravelling. You also don’t want to buy expensive clothes that you have to dry-clean them every week. No one has the time or money for that. You need to find a happy middle ground, and it’s all in the fabric. You want to buy close with wrinkle-free fabric like cotton or wool. You want your clothes to be durable and last for a long time.


Use these tips every day until you feel comfortable going into the workplace. You are going to be nervous about being a new graduate and the new person at the job. You don’t have to feel nervous about your wardrobe. You will be able to walk into your potential job with confidence and class. The first half is done. You will make a good impression just by walking in dressing correctly. The rest is up to you. Show everyone in the work office that you are just as professional as your outfit.

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