Hand Rejuvenation Is A Hot New Trend In Plastic Surgery

Our hands are the parts of our bodies which are exposed to the elements the most, so they tend to age quickly, according to a Daily Mail report. If you want younger-looking hands, you should know that there is a form of minimally-invasive plastic surgery called Hand Rejuvenation. This cosmetic procedure will help you to get smooth and glowing hands that never betray your age. Also, because it’s minimally-invasive, you won’t need to go under the knife to make your hands look smoother and fresher. Today, we want to talk about what hand rejuvenation is, discuss its pros and cons and share information about its cost.

What is hand rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation of the minimally-invasive type usually involves the in-office injection of fillers, such as Radiesse. According to the official Radiesse website, Radiesse is a volumizing filler which is approved by the Food & Drug Administration. When this filler (or a comparable filler) is used, the hands take on a plumper, younger look. According to Good Housekeeping, pigmentation and blemishes on the tops of the hands may be treated via lasers or chemical peels. These options are more invasive than hand rejuvenation with injectable fillers. Some patients stick with fillers, while others get more than one treatment.

Pros and cons of hand rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers is designed to make hands fuller and smoother, with less-prominent veins. Fillers add volume that restores the look of hands. Men and women who take good care of their faces often want hands that match. For these type of people, hand rejuvenation is a smart option. In terms of drawbacks, hands may be a bit stiff, swollen and/or bruised after treatment. Despite these “cons” one hundred percent of patients who signed on for hand rejuvenation were happy that they got the procedure.

Cost of hand rejuvenation

According to the Real Self, the average cost for hand rejuvenation in the UK ranges from 541 Euro to 2164 Euro. Most people spend approximately 1385 Euro. Sometimes, more than one session of injections will be needed to get optimal results. One to four syringes are used, per hand, depending on how much injectable is needed to give youthful-looking results. Usually, ten minutes per hand it all that it takes to inject Radiesse. Results from Radiesse hand rejuvenation last for eighteen months to two years.

Is hand rejuvenation right for you?

Hands are beautiful in any state. What we are able to do with our hands is miraculous. However, hands do have thin skin, which means that they often age faster than the face. If you’re not happy with the look of your hands, empower yourself by signing on for Radiesse hand rejuvenation. It’s a smart way to get the look that time took away.

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