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Throwing a Birthday Party for Your Partner: 4 Helpful Tips

Birthdays can present a tricky prospect for those involved in a romantic relationship. Indeed, throwing a birthday party for your girlfriend or boyfriend may sound like a breeze at first; after all, who knows your partner better than you? Still, many people have found that planning a party and buying gifts for a new paramour to be much more difficult than they first envisioned. The good news is, you can learn from others’ mistakes and avoid common birthday pitfalls. Here are four helpful tips to assist your party-planning efforts:

Collaborate with Friends

The first step to throwing an awesome birthday party is admitting you can’t do it alone. Therefore, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends (both yours and your partner’s) for help in organizing the get-together. Not only will this take some of the logistical work off your hands, but speaking with some of your partner’s friends beforehand can help you avoid some potentially disastrous decisions. The last thing you want to do is schedule an event that your partner can’t or won’t want to participate in. Do your homework first and stay safe rather than sorry!

Stay Classic

Avoid gimmicks at all costs when your partner’s birthday approaches. Tacky, silly presents might sound funny on first blush, but there’s a good chance your partner won’t share your delight in a purposely inane gift. Remember, no one wants to be messed with on their birthday. So stick to the classics: flowers, jewelry, nice clothes, a fancy dinner, etc. Of course there’s nothing wrong with interjecting some personality into your gifts; in fact, that’s a great idea. Still, don’t overthink gift-giving.

Avoid the Hassle

As a society, we’re more stressed out now than ever before. As such, if you want your special one’s birthday to be a smash hit, do everything in your power to eliminate any hassle associated with going out. Handle your accommodations weeks in advance, and make sure that everything is taken care of. Call in a reservation for a restaurant and enlist a driving service or party bus company to transport your group for the evening. The more you can plan ahead, the better –– and less stressful –– the party will be.

Listen Carefully

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if you want to throw a fun birthday party for a loved one then you need to listen to them. Stay attentive when they talk about their likes and dislikes and contemplate how their ideal day/night out might go. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and set your tastes and predilections aside for a while. After all, this party isn’t about you!

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