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If you are planning to buy your next car soon, you may want to check out the old and new collections of Citroen vehicles before anything else.

First unveiled in 1919, Citroen vehicles were launched by the revolutionary Andre Citroen.  As Andre’s grandad sold lemons at one stage of his life, the name ‘Citroen’, also meaning citrus, was bestowed on this family with a Dutch background. In the period 1947 and 1981, Citroen vans were specifically limited to the H vans. Thereafter, other Citroen models such as 2CV, CX and DS models were introduced for the company’s enthusiastic fans. Andre Citroen had pioneered the making of light utility vans that were perfect for leisure as well as business purposes. 473,289 Citroen vans came out of their factories in France, the Netherlands and Belgium for a long period, approximately 34 years.

For vans belonging to that era, the first Citroen vans flaunted cutting edge features and use of futuristic technology. They included smart features like walk through interiors, wide rear entry, sliding doors, and convenient access from all sides. In the year 1928, he launched the first steel bodied vehicle for public use. Citroen had acquired several heavy-duty machines that were attributed to Chrysler manufacturers for achieving this creditable feat. By producing and offering full bodied steel vehicles, he placed the company far ahead of all competitors. The rival companies were still in the process of producing wooden framed vehicles that were simple with negligible features. Citroen fell behind when these competitors started adopting aerodynamic designs for manufacturing their vehicles. It was then that Citroen finally offered traction avant that was innovative and past compare; the company’s competitors had little on their hands to retaliate with this much-coveted launch.

Today, Citroen vans are known to maintain their effectiveness and quality like no other. They present the same quality metrics as they did when they were first launched. Some of the most endearing and popular models of the company’s vans series include Berlingo, Dispatch, Nemo, and Relay vans. Though the Nemo Citroen vans are comparatively small in build, they are reputed for carrying large loads. Nemo vans include smart features such as side door loading options, asymmetrical rear doors, easy parking steering, low-pollution emissions guarantee, and convenient designs.

The wingrove motor group  happens to be the go to place if you are looking for the best vans to add to your collection. You may want to choose from the range of Berlingo Citroen vans that are highlighted for their reliable and practical features. Or, you may want to buy Dispatch Citroen vans that are known for their technology, space and style. Just take your pick.

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