Does Owning a Supercar have to cost a Fortune in Maintenance?

While Supercars were once the domain of only the rich and famous, they have become more attainable for a larger percentage of the population. So, if you are in the fortunate position of being able to consider buying a supercar, what are the things you need to take into account apart from the cost of the initial purchase.

It is completely understandable that many car enthusiasts looking for their dream car will focus on the purchase price when deciding what to buy. However, unless money is no object it is important to find out how much it is going to cost to keep it on the road. I mean, there is not much point buying a Lamborghini if you end up leaving it in the garage because you can’t afford to drive it.

One of the most important costs associated with owning any kind of car is maintenance. So before going out and buying a Ferrari, you should be aware that making a routine visit to a Ferrari service centre could set you back north of £1500. Supercars by their very nature are expensive to maintain and can make a big hole in your bank account.

What to Look for In a Low Maintenance Supercar?

So, if you don’t have unlimited finances bit still have aspirations to own a supercar, don’t despair there are a number of things you can look for in a supercar that will help you keep the maintenance costs down. So, here are a few things to think about when deciding on which supercar you are going to buy.

Look at an Easy to Service Design

One of the main attractions of a supercar is that they contain the latest technology and design that gives them that cutting edge performance. This often means they are expensive to repair and maintain. So, to reduce costs think about looking for a less complicated model. Things like an engine or vehicle system that is used across a manufacturers line up means service costs are likely to be lower.

Consider the cars design, vehicles that allow easy access to the engine and powertrain are significantly easier and less expensive to maintain. So even if owning a V12 engined supercar sounds great a V8 is likely to be much more affordable when it comes to maintenance.

Plenty of Available Service Facilities

Also think about the availability of service facilities in your locality, the last thing you need is to have to travel over 100 miles for an annual service.  Not only will this add to the cost of owning the car but is likely to make it inconvenient for you.

Available Affordable Parts and Components

One way of keeping the cost down, is by making sure you have access to affordable parts and components. The rarer your supercar is, then the more expensive parts and components are likely to be. Irrespective of how near or affordable your service facility is, or even if you have the ability to do the work yourself, if the parts are costly or difficult to obtain then the cost of keeping your supercar on the road could be prohibitive.

In Conclusion

So, while there is no doubt that the cost of keeping a supercar on the road is expensive, I think we have demonstrated above that there are a number of things you can do to reduce those costs. Remember before you get seduced by what seems a bargain price for a supercar, take a moment to think about what the associated costs will be, that way you won’t end up with a prized asset that spends most of its time just making your drive look aesthetically pleasing.

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