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Five Reasons you Need to Hire an Auto accident Lawyer

Getting into an auto accident, no matter how minor, is traumatizing. As a lay man, you don’t always know what to do next and it seems frustrating to have to pay for someone else’s carelessness. However, you do have rights and hiring an auto accident lawyer can help reduce your financial and personal liability. Here are a few reasons it might be better to hire a lawyer than try fighting your own case in court.

Sue in time

An accident can leave you shocked but if you need to sue the other party, you will need to move in time. The statute of limitations for filing an auto accident varies from state to state. In most places, you have upto a year of two at most to file your case. Also when filing court papers, the tiniest of details from the right font size to how a legal precedence is cited can make a big difference. Hiring a lawyer can ensure that your case is filed with all the required paperwork within the stipulated time and thus keep you from unnecessary delays.

Don’t get cheated by Insurance

Buying insurance is easy but when it comes to claiming your insurance against an auto accident, you may be faced with a number of hurdles. Hiring a lawyer ensures that your insurance agency cannot take advantage of you and that you get everything you deserve.

Understand the damages you can claim

An accident does not damage only the physical state of your car and body. In addition to claiming the costs of fixing your car and medical bills, you can also file for wages lost while recovering from the accident, emotional distress to you and your family, pain etc. However, you can file for these costs only if you understand them and how the law affects you. Thus, hiring a lawyer can make you aware of your legal rights and help you fight for them.

Understand your state laws

When it comes to auto insurance and accident rules, the law varies from state to state. While four states including Florida, New Jersey and New York are no fault states where you cannot sue another person after an auto accident except in special circumstances, in others like Nevada, the person at fault must compensate the other person for the damage caused. Thus if you have had a car accident in Las Vegas, you must work with an auto accident lawyer in Las Vegas who understands the local laws that are applicable to you.

Understand Settlement Options

Very few accident cases are judged by a court. In most cases, a settlement is reached out of court between the defendant and the other party. In such cases, it is best to have a good lawyer at your side who can help you understand the implications of settling and help determine the right amount you should settle for. In some cases, it may even be more beneficial for you not to settle and let the court run its course.

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