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JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000-Watt RMS Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier Review

Ever seen a product come out and just know it’s going to be wildly popular when everyone sees it?

That’s exactly how I feel about the JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000-Watt RMS Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier. It’s a high performance amplifier that will take your sound to the next level.

But it’s also one of those that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. While it’s one of the top choices for me personally, I also appreciate that the price doesn’t frighten people away.

Here’s more about what I thought about the JL Audio JX1000.

Perfect Entry Level Amp

I’ll be referring to the JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000 Watt RMS Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier a lot as one of the best entry level amplifiers out there.

There are several reasons I believe this:

  • JL Audio a trusted brand
  • They’ve developed an affordable option that’s based on superior car sound products
  • It’s a sturdy amp that won’t damage easily
  • It’s easier to install than most amplifiers of its calibre

We’ll discuss these in more detail below.


The number one reason to buy this amp is because it delivers a decent, clear & crisp sound quality. It isn’t a fair rival against more expensive amps, but it delivers well compared to other devices in its range.

There’s probably more volume than you can handle on this amp, so that’s not going to be a n issue. But in terms of balance and clarity, it’s a solid amplifier. It’s also highly compatible with OEM Systems; which will be complimented by the addition of this amp.


At first glance the JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000 Watt RMS Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier seems a bit pricey. But upon closer inspection you’ll notice what you get for that price.

Considering the build and features of this amplifier, it’s a bargain at its midrange price. Technologically I’d have to say it’s slightly overpriced, but only because of some of the negatives I discovered (more on that below).

You may not consider the price entry level, but I’ve bought and installed enough amplifiers to know that this one is of excellent value.

Robust Build

One of the top feature of the JL Audio JX1000 is that it’s encased inside a strong exterior shell that’ll keep its internal components safe.

In a car—some more than others—vibrations can wear your amplifier out rapidly. Having a strong one like this will ensure long lasting sound that isn’t hindered by any component faults.

With a strong build comes consistency, which is major reason to buy this amp. First time buyers tend to go for sturdier amps—especially if they’re installing them themselves.

Trusted Brand

JL Audio is a well known brand in the world of car sound. They actually make several other expensive models for high-end buyers.

That’s one more reason to trust their expertise with this affordable entry level device. I know I can rely on their quality because they’re not new on the scene. Their warranty also means something, because they have a track record of service and reputation.

Most of the cheap brands I’ve encountered either hold a bad reputation already, or they are too new to have an established reputation.

Easy to Install

There is a simplicity to reading the instructions for the JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000 Watt RMS Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier. They’re perfect for someone who may be fairly new to installing amps.

Another perk is once again the robustness of this amp. It’s got a sturdy case that will prevent most cases of negligence during installation.

Remember to consult with an expert before taking on this installation yourself. If you aren’t familiar with amp installations, you risk causing damage to other components and the amp itself.

Easy to Conceal

It’s not the prettiest amp on the market, so you may choose to conceal it; but even if you don’t, it’s got a decent sleek look that works with most interiors. I like its minimalist appearance, and really don’t mind having the JL Audio brand visible in my car.

But admittedly the aesthetics won’t work inside all cars. Luckily the JL Audio JX1000 is easy to conceal. It has a way of blending in under your dashboard or attached somewhere visible from the passenger seat or back seats.

If you want it completely concealed, I’d suggest using an amp cover or hiding it within the interior somehow.

Some Negatives I Couldn’t Ignore

So there were a few drawbacks to this particular model. I’ve highlighted them here so you can decide more objectively.

It’s Not Very Light

Make sure you install this amp properly. It is a little heavier than most, which may result in damage if you’ve hung it upside down somewhere. That being said, it is encased in a hardy shell, which should prevent minor knocks & drops.

It May Appear Too Bulky for Some

It’s not that the JL Audio JX1000 is large, so much that it has a chunky shape. You may find it too bulky for the build you’re trying to achieve. That being said, its performance makes up for its appearance.

The Internal Design Is Modest

There isn’t much complicated going on inside the JL Audio JX1000. Fortunately no one will see this though, because of its casing.

It’s Not the Best Model for a Build Up

The JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000 Watt RMS Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier is more of an addition. I wouldn’t buy this amp if I was starting a car sound build up from scratch. Buy this amp as an upgrade rather than a foundation.


For more info on JL Audio JX1000/1D 1000 Watt RMS Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier, go to and learn more.

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