Dog in a van

How to Make Your Van Dog-Friendly

Vans are extremely useful vehicles and these days more and more families are choosing to use them as their family cars. Not only are they now being designed with comfort as well as utility in mind, they also have ample storage space. This is not only great for luggage but is also the perfect place for your pooch if you want to take them with you on holiday, or just to the shops.

There are a number of new laws based around keeping pets in vehicles, but I’m sure you don’t need to be told that if you are planning on taking your dog on journeys with you, it is very important that you kit out your van with a number of adornments to make it comfortable and safe for them. Here’s how to go about creating such an environment for your pet.

Fixtures and Fittings

First of all, you need to add some fixtures and fittings to create a comfortable space for your pet to reside in. Despite the fact that one of the main benefits of a van is the large amount of space they will have; you need to make sure that they are not flying from one side to the other every time you drive round a bend. One way to avoid this is by fitting a belt for them, however this can be restrictive, so another idea is to fit a cage in the back of your van.

You can line the cage with cushioning so that they have a more confined space that still allows for movement. Many dogs feel safer in confined spaces too. A tip for those of you appreciate cleanliness; make sure the cushioning has removable, washable covers. Lastly, if you have a small or elderly dog, or if your van is particularly high off the ground, install a fold-down ramp to allow for easy access.


We all know the dangers of leaving dogs in hot vehicles, even if you think the weather is a comfortable temperature, it can rise dramatically in a short space of time in a confined space. You could install a fan or air con system in the back of your van to keep it nice and cool, but make sure it is battery powered as connecting it to the battery in your van could run it down completely.

If there are windows in the back of you van, make sure they have sun visors covering them and that they are cracked when you leave. Similarly, it is important to make sure your pet is warm enough in cold weather. This can be achieved with a mini heater or hot water bottle.

It’s important to have plenty of toys for them to play with so they don’t get bored, and of course plenty of water. To avoid water splashing everywhere, you could get a bottle from which they can access it whenever they please. You can even include a few snacks for their journey, but if there are appropriate times during your journey for you to stop, let them out for a quick run around.


Whatever you’re using your van for, it is important that you have tailored van insurance. Van insurance differs from car insurance in that it also covers any damage to property within it. Vandals and thieves often target vans too, in case they have expensive contents so it’s even more important to make sure it is protected. You can compare quotes at Constructaquote’s van insurance.


Vans are fantastic if you have pets, but you have a responsibility to make sure it is kitted out with everything they need to make them comfortable. They need to be safe from excessive heat or cold, have a secure place to reside when the journey gets bumpy, and plenty of water, snacks, and toys. When planning your next journey, check out these must visit places to experience with your dog before deciding on destinations.

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