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What should you do if your rental car is stolen?

It is for sure a great idea to rent a car for your vacation and enjoy a proper means of transportation while discovering the places from a touristic point of view. Unfortunately, there are cases in which the rented car is stolen and moments in which a person should act immediately. Calling the car hire company and also the police are two major things to consider when you discover that the rented car is missing. Here are a few actions to pay attention to when you find out that the car you rented for your trip has been stolen.

Call the police and report the missing car

The first thing that crosses our mind is to get in touch with the authorities and report the stolen car. Even though in the heat of the moment there are persons who get overwhelmed and panicked, there is no time for second thoughts and the best thing to do is to contact the police right away. It is important to explain that the car is rented and, if there is an application available, you should inform the police about this aspect because the authorities can make specific verifications in this direction. Also, if you believe you left personal things in the car, such as electronic devices, suitcases or other valuable things, make sure you offer such information to the police. Most of the car rental companies are aware of such incidents and recommend to all customers, as stated by a contract, to get in touch with the police in case of a missing car.

Get in touch with the car hire company

The next thing to do is to call the company from which you rented a car and solicit extra information such as the identification number of the vehicle in order to provide it to the authorities in charge of your case. Moreover, persons who decided for a car rental should look for the insurance, if any, and read the terms and conditions stated by the collision damage waiver. This is an important coverage that helps you stay out of responsibility for this kind of theft. The incident report form is the type of document provided by the police and which needs to be presented to the car hire company in order to start the verifications and to recover the vehicle as soon as possible.

Can I ask for a replacement car in this situation?

Yes, even though you vacation suffered a little bit, you are entitled to talk to a representative of the car rental company and solicit another vehicle. It is a well-know fact that a car insurance is needed in cases of rented cars. A full coverage also contains the cases in which a car is stolen when you can receive another car. Even though it might be a little bit expensive, an auto insurance covers most of the incidents, including car robberies. There are also cases of gross negligence where a person forgets the keys in the car and lefts the vehicle as it is, without thinking that someone might steal the vehicle. This is considered negligence and the person who rented a car is fully liable for theft consequences. However, if your rented vehicle is missing during your vacation, it is mandatory to get in touch with the police, report the stolen car and then contact the car hire company and see what the options are in this case.

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