The Unseen Star is a Reasonably Priced Car

Whether it be the BMW i8 Concept vehicle that was debuted in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or the stunning Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville that featured in that unforgettable scene in the Titanic, there is something quite remarkable about the role cars play in the entertainment industry.

Yes, bikes, buses, and other modes of transport play an important aspect in a number of films, but there’s nothing quite as exhilarating and adrenaline-fuelling as the introduction a car.

While we’ve become very much accustomed to seeing the likes of Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini playing major roles on the big screen, Czech automotive manufacturer Škoda wouldn’t be your first port of call.

In fact, it is the reliable, every day, and often reasonably priced Eastern European manufacturer who features heavily across a number of cinematic productions — you’ll be shocked to see where it has played a role.

In this article, we take a look at the various movies that have been aided by the inclusion of the classic Czech vehicle.

Goal II: Living the Dream

After commanding the attention of the Premier League, Santiago Munez, who hailed from the bright lights of LA before landing in Newcastle upon Tyne, earned himself a big money move to Real Madrid. While in the Spanish capital, Santi, as he is affectionately known, begins to learn a lot more about his life than he could have ever imagined. Chasing his estranged younger brother through the backstreets of the city, Santi runs past a 2002 Škoda Superb.

The Festival

Although Joe Thomas’ character in The Inbetweeners series was renowned for driving a Fiat Cinquecento, still equipped with its tape deck, in this film he got the opportunity to upgrade to a considerably more fashionable 2008 Škoda Fabia. The story follows Nick (Joe Thomas) and his friend as they embark on a typically English summer festival, full of literally every disaster you could imagine.

Casino Royale

The James Bond franchise is renowned for its inclusion of the quintessentially British Aston Martin and this instalment, in which Daniel Craig made his first outing as 007, was no different. The DBS is the prominent four-wheel character of the show. However, viewers will recognise three different Octavias throughout the course of the 2 hours and 25 minutes, while a 2002 Super also features. For most of the film, it is the American-manufactured Ford which appears as the ‘extras’, so for car lovers, it’s rather refreshing to see an alternative.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Brendan O’Carroll’s fictional character Mrs Brown hit the big screen back in 2014. Of course, like in the television series, Agnes would find herself in some sort of pickle, as would the family around her. On this occasion, we follow the story of Mrs Brown going to court to battle of the demands of a Russian businessman who plans to replace her independent trader stall in the Moore Street market with a shopping centre. While the rival Russians and their henchmen travel around in an Audi, Mrs Brown’s son Dermot and his best pal Dino have a Skoda Yeti at their disposal.

A Good Day To Die Hard

The total car count in this film was rather impressive, as was Bruce Willis’ sheer recklessness along the way, dismantling a number of vehicles after he seized control of a Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse. 137 different vehicle tyres featured in the 2013 production that sees John McClane inadvertently team up with his son Jack, who also happens to be a CIA agent, working undercover. As for Skoda’s role in the success of the film, viewers are treated to sightings of a 2007 Fabia, a 2001 Fabia Combi, a 1997 Octavia, and 2001 Octavia Combi vRS.

Rihanna – ‘Shut Up and Drive’

Okay, so you’ll be quick to notice that this isn’t actually a big screen production, but it is most certainly worth a mention, mainly owing to the fact that the car featured is an incredible engineering feat. Part on Rihanna’s third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, the music video for ‘Shut Up and Drive’ features the singer working as a garage mechanic before heading out to a drag race – the car competing is an extremely-tuned version of the legendary Skoda Rapid.


You don’t always have to be front and centre to make a splash. Skoda on the big screen performs excellently without making a fuss, much like it does within the automotive market!

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