6 Everyday Items Made By Injection Molding

There are many things that divide the world. We argue over a lot of things. One thing that unites us all is our desire for simplicity. I don’t know many people that want their job, relationship, or life to be more complicated.

Striving for simplification is what has led us, as a world, to many breakthroughs.The fact that you can carry around a smartphone in your pocket that can compete in operating power with mid-range computers is honestly mindblowing.

Manufacturing is one industry that has whole-heartedly and effectively embraced the idea of simplicity. Assembly lines are a perfect example; everyone has one job and they do it repeatedly to push products out quickly. One technique that has been adopted that has revolutionized plastic product manufacturing is called injection molding.

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a process where a melted plastic resin is taken and injected into molds. Once cooled the resin hardens into the shape of the mold, forming the desired object. It is a fairly quick and simple process, with key benefits being completely identical parts and low cost.

So what can be made with injection molding? Many things, but here are six really common items you very well might use every day.

Car Parts

Many car parts can be made through injection molding. We are talking plastic parts of course, as the parts under the hood, and the metal frame isn’t able to be produced this way.

What can be made through injection molding is bumpers, dashboards, and most interior plastic fittings. Once a mold is made, the process almost takes care of itself. This is incredibly useful considering the amount of time it would take to cut and create each individual bumper.

Toilet Seats

This is not the most glamorous of products, but we all definitely need it and use it. Every house and apartment has at least one, if not more. Again, imagine trying to create every product to the exact specifications every time. It is possible with the advanced machinery that we have today, but it is more easily done through injection molding. Injection molding is like the copy and paste of the manufacturing world.


Where would the world be without staplers? Probably about where we are now. Their function, however, is beyond convenient and handy. Staples are permanent paper clips, and honestly, how nice is it to be handed a multi-page document and know that you won’t lose any pages because they are all attached?

Electronic Covers

With any given electronic device, there are specific components that need to be included on the inside. There needs to be enough space to hold them all and allow them to connect properly. This goes for something as small as a garage door opener, to a TV or computer.

Due to this need, as well as the desire to keep a uniform look, electrical housings are easily and commonly made through injection molding.

Disposable Plastic Cups

Yeah, those little plastic cups that you use five of at any given party or family get-together. Luckily, they are easily made. They are strong enough to fill their purpose, but also clearly not made for the long-haul. It is a great use of injection molding due to the low cost to short lifespan ratio.

Water Bottles

Every time you drink from a water bottle, thank an injection molding worker. These bottles are made to be soft and pliable, while not weak enough to break and spill the contents on the owner.


Injection molding is an effective and simple way to provide needed products quickly, all while not skimping of quality. With the world seeming to spin faster every day, it is a good thing we are learning how to keep up, and to do so by keeping things simple.

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