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7 Careers for Digital Nomads

The internet and mobile technology have almost made a stationary office space obsolete. Because we can connect, communicate, share, print and transact through the web, working anywhere in the world makes more and more sense. If you are simply sending your work to your boss or client with the click of a button on your computer, why not have that computer on the beaches of Thailand or in a cafe in Paris or on the slopes of the Alps?

By working in a destination you love, you find more satisfaction with your work and better work/life balance. Some work must be done on location, like a forest ranger. You can’t range the forest digitally (at least not yet). But there are many careers where your location is no longer relevant. Working digitally from anywhere is now being referred to as being a “digital nomad”. Here are seven careers for digital nomads.

Travel Blogger

Travel is fun and exciting. People want to do it, but often can’t due to family, work or other obligations. Therefore, blogging about travel is a great way to share adventure with those who are more stationary and a great way to make money.

People want to check in and see what you are up to, how your adventures are going, live vicariously through your travel, and for friends and family, keep track of you.

Day/Swing Trader

In order to trade stock today, you no longer need to be on the floor of the exchanges. Services like E-Trade and Scottrade make trading stocks from anywhere simple, easy and inexpensive. Watch out for the time differences, though. The market opens pretty early if you’re living in Australia (unless you want to trade on their exchanges which is also a real option).

Online Shop Owner

Online storefronts have become so user friendly due to the ease of sites like Shopify, that non-technical people can easily and inexpensively sell their goods and services to a worldwide market. Gadgets such as digital shopping carts make fulfilling orders a breeze and makes living anywhere in the world a viable option.

This is particularly true if what you are selling can be delivered digitally, like an ebook. Or, you can set up merchant/affiliate accounts through companies like Amazon, where they fulfill your orders, but take their cut.


Consultant work is often done via email today. People ask consultants for analysis and they are provide that analysis through spreadsheets, charts, graphs and presentation software.

All of these formats are easily provided by email and have very little additional value for in-person consultation. And if the need arises, video conferencing is provided easily through companies like Facebook, Gotomeeting, Skype and more. Many are free and are easy to use.


Because of the ease of making instructional videos and the ubiquitous availability of teleconferencing, teaching in certain fields can be done remotely. This has been exemplified by the boom of the online universities and digital learning sites like The Khan Academy.

These institutions use video and video conferencing to instruct instead of brick and mortar campuses. By doing so, they reduce the cost of providing education and increase access.


Helping people solve technical issues with their computers, devices, electronic etc. is not something that requires an in-person visit in many cases. If you receive a call and help someone troubleshoot their iPhone, you could be in Boise, Idaho or the Philippines.

Often, depending on how the call is routed, that is the case for the caller. Because of this, many companies are shifting to a forwarding system which allows you to take your work calls on a mobile device and work from anywhere.


SEO stand for search engine optimization and it is an emerging market. Companies are working desperately to rise up the rankings of search engines and doing the work that SEOs provide can be done anywhere. In fact, you can create your own SEO or sometimes work as an employee or contractor for one that is already established.

This is also a good way to combine careers. Your travel blog can also be an SEO platform. You can consult on SEO in your consulting career. Because of the importance and relatively newness of SEO, there are many opportunities here.

The internet has made the world an office space. Because of this, it is almost tragic if you are living where you don’t want to be, especially if the work you do can be done from anywhere. Laptops and wifi connections make working as a digital nomad easy and accessible. So cut your ties. Plop yourself into the cradle of a hammock on beach and work. Just make sure you keep the sand out off of your keyboard.

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