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The Benefits of SMS Marketing

There are so many different kinds of marketing solutions available, from billboards and newspaper adverts, to promotion via social media influencers and hosting events, but one of the most underestimated forms of marketing is SMS marketing. So many businesses are missing out on this lucrative option, as it often deemed ‘old-school’, but it is a well of opportunity that is still largely unused. So, why is SMS marketing so great?


How much time do you spend on your phone? Most people spend at least two hours in total staring at their phone screen every day. If you enjoy scrolling through social media feeds, you will probably be very used to seeing various adverts and promotions, but how many companies have made their way into your SMS inbox?

Not only would directly messaging potential customers be a fast, direct form of marketing thanks to the fact they’re probably already looking at their phone as it comes through, but it is also a way to get their attention even when they’re not, as they’ll get a notification that they will have to acknowledge.

Most people will open every single notification they receive on their phone, so the chance of your advert being seen is huge. Furthermore, most of the world’s population now has their own mobile phone, so just imagine the size of the demographic you are reaching! This can’t be said for many other forms of marketing communication.


SMS marketing or Text Automation is one of the most affordable forms of marketing outreach; costing far less than a social media campaign or even an advert in a publication. This is especially the case considering the number of people you are able to reach with it, compared to the unstable nature of the audience numbers you reach via the alternatives solutions.

Another benefit of SMS marketing is the fact that you can integrate a link to a website, or a phone number, that the potential customer can simply touch in order to be re-located to an ordering platform. This makes the most of the initial interest you may have sparked.

Marketing Goals

In terms of marketing goals, SMS marketing ticks a lot of boxes. You can use them as part of a wider campaign, to reinforce key messages and maintain a subconscious presence. Unlike a lot of other marketing solutions SMS marketing has no wait time, so results are faster, plus, it is easy for people to respond which improves engagement, therefore helping you to build relationships with potential and existing customers.

Thanks to the fact customers can opt in and out of SMS communications, businesses are better able to target those who are most susceptible to their efforts, which helps them to save time and money as well as getting a better idea of who their target audience is. Finally, texts are easy to create and edit, so they’re one of the most flexible and customisable forms of marketing out there.

SMS marketing is an absolute must for any company looking to build on their brand presence. The SMS audience is huge as it is commonplace for everybody to have their own mobile phone, which they also carry on them at all times and check regularly. It is one of the cheaper forms of advertising too and creates an easy to access platform for sales.

The results of SMS marketing are fast, and engagement is high, as well as the fact it has an easily customisable format. is a great source for more business tips like this, such as how to boost employee engagement, so give it a visit if you’re looking for inspiration.

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