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A Complete Guide to Understanding Technical Debt

You may all have heard about the term technical debt that is one of the biggest nightmares for every software team. First of all, you should understand all about the technical debt before getting started. Well, it is known as the additional work that is required to complete the tasks related to software development. There are many other important things that you need to know about this debt. If you are unable to address this debt early then, it can lead to more debts in the future. It is the reason why you should manage the technical debt on time that means at the early stages of the development process.

You should try to manage the technical debt properly to reduce the issues related to new technical debt that can create various issues for the software owner. Before moving forward, you should understand the main causes of technical debt. With the help of this, you can easily improve your knowledge and take other steps in the right manner. There are various types of technical debts present that you also need to understand before start managing it. In the further post, you can easily get more details related to the technical debt that can also assist you in managing it with ease.

Let’s know more about technical debt

It is good to understand the various causes of technical debt before going to manage it. You should learn about the main reasons that lead to technical debt. In order to read all about these reasons, you should check out the points that are listed below-

  • Poor conception – When a software company develops an application or software faster to meet the deadlines then it can cause some problems related to the design of the software. It is also the main problem that can result in technical debt so you should try to keep in mind while managing the technical debt.
  • Old technology – You may all know that technology is developing rapidly and it is also increasing the standards of the software. Every improvement in technology can make a bad impact on the software, and it can also lead to technical debt. Outdated technology is also a reason behind the cause of technical debt.
  • Bad development practices – You may have noticed that some developers are implementing the same design and logic to build an app. they are also designing the code without considering the software project. Well, these bad development practices can also result in technical debt.
  • Poor scheduling – if the developers are making some mistake while making an estimate related to the software development then it can also result in the technical debt. Most of the developers are mainly focus on the time estimate that is also a big problem and the main reason that can create issues in the future.

After learning all about the causes of technical debt and other details, you can take your steps forward to calculate it. You can also learn how to manage this debt to get rid of it in the right manner with ease.

What are the types of technical debt?

Before going to measure technical debt, you need to know about the various types of technical debts that are out there. In this way, you can easily do it in the right manner and resolve the issues with ease. Some different types of technical debts are listed below-

Source code formatting

It is one of the common types of technical debt that is very easy to fix. You can easily get rid of it by using the right tools or templates. With the use of these tools or templates, you can reduce the risks related to source code formatting.

Low test coverage

When it comes to the measures of code quality, then the test coverage is the essential one. With the help of the test, you can determine whether the code is behaving in a planned way or not. A very low level of test coverage can also reduce the accuracy of the software.

Code complexity

You can measure the complexity in various manners, and it is also used to measure the dependence as well as the path length to perform an operation. The code can become complex due to the use of the long path or method.

Lack of documentation

No doubt, documentation has a significant role when it comes to the software development process. If the code has not been written in a proper way, then the people involved in the development process can’t understand it.

Lack of modularity

It is a type of technical debt that can be caused due to the use of poor code design. It is not easy to manage the software that has the parts of codes managing different logics. In this situation, when the developers will write more codes, then it can cause more issues related to lack of modularity.

Read all the above details carefully to enhance your knowledge regarding technical debt. After understanding the various types of technical debts and their causes, you can find the best methods to manage them.

Get an estimation of technical debt

After reading all about the types of technical debts and its main causes, you should find the right method or approach to measure it. You should always measure the technical debt in a manual way to get the right estimation. With the help of going into the code, all issues can be easily detected. It is a time-consuming task, but it can give you the right estimate which is also a good advantage.

After getting the estimation, you can fix it with ease. In order to fix these issues, you may require money that you can borrow with the help of or lenders. Try to get rid of the technical debt as soon as possible which can be done with the selection of a right approach or method.

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