Freeview: What is it and What do you Need to Access it

While subscription TV and live streaming options such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are often the popular choice for home entertainment, they obviously come at a cost. If you don’t want to pay a premium charge to watch TV, which options are open to you in todays market? Up until recently, if you didn’t want to pay a subscription for the services offered by the likes of Sky and BT, you would be limited to terrestrial TV channels such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and 5.

However, the advent of Freeview means that consumers now have access to a wider range of entertainment without paying a monthly subscription. So what is Freeview TV and more importantly what do I need to access it? For the uninitiated, we have put together some information below on Freeview TV and everything you need to access a multitude of free channels.

What is Freeview TV?

Freeview is the UKs digital terrestrial television service, the aim of which is to give consumers who don’t want to pay subscription for TV a greater choice of programmes for free. Freeview now offers the viewer access to more than 70 standard channels and 15 HD channels at no monthly cost.

How Do You Access Freeview?

Any TV that was purchased after 2010 will automatically have Freeview installed, all that you need to do is connect it to a working aerial to allow you to watch live TV. If you’re TV is enabled and you have an internet connection, you will also be able to take advantage of Freeview Play a free on demand platform that allows you access too hundreds of boxsets and catch up TV content. With Freeview Play you can pause and rewind live TV, and there is also an app that allows you to watch channels on your phone or tablet.

What Equipment Do I Need to Enjoy Freeview?

A Freeview TV Box or Recorder: All you need is a TV bought after 2010 which should have Freeview built into it. If you want to access Freeview play it is possible you will need to buy a Freeview Recorder. While there is a small one off cost for this it will give the ability to record programmes and get access to all the catch up and on demand services it offers.

A Digital Aerial: To gain access to Freeview you will need a compatible digital TV aerial. If you don’t currently have one most reputable local companies will offer Digital TV aerial installation in Preston or wherever in the UK you are situated at a reasonable cost. If you do need a new aerial our advice would be to choose a roof aerial as they invariably provide the best results.

A TV Licence: Anyone watching broadcast TV in the UK is required to have a current TV licence. In some cases these may be available free of charge or at a reduced price. All the information on TV licences and associated costs is readily available on the TV licensing website.

Internet Connection: If you only want to watch digital terrestrial TV channels an internet connection isn’t required. However, if you have a Freeview Play Device and want to access all the on demand and catch up services then you will need to have an internet connection of at least 2Mpbs.

Hopefully, the information above will go some way to showing you how you can get access to numerous free TV channels and the best way to go about getting Freeview in your home.

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