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Great Apps for Organizing a DIY Kids’ Birthday Party

Kids’ birthday parties can be a lot of fun but also cause a good deal of headache. Children can get quite cheeky sometimes and a sugar-induced rush is sure to make them act in unexpected ways. Still, that is by no means the biggest problem. Depending on how many friends your young one has and how expensive the venue is, you can easily spend 1000s of dollars and even end up in debt. Not a smart move if you’re organizing a bash for a toddler. Instead, I prefer to keep it simple and focus on having fun without spending obscene amounts of cash.

Find Affordable Supplies & Avoid Blowing a Hole in Your Budget

Paper plates, balloons, toys, and other party supplies can cost a lot more than you’d expect them to. Still, as they are something that will be thrown away the next day, there is no point in spending too much on them. Cheap party supplies will suffice if you’re on a budget. I was once able to organize a 50 dollar birthday party for my kid and still have other parents comment on how much fun their young ones had. If you make an effort to find inexpensive birthday party ideas, you will be surprised how much you can achieve with very little. You might also want to look for cheap birthday party places close by if the number of guests turns out exceeding what your own home can accommodate.

Find Great Games to Play so That No Child Gets Bored

You can find kids’ birthday party ideas at home without too much effort. Fun games are at the heart of every bash. Charades and karaoke are timeless classics but the list goes on to include some lesser-known gems. You can use online resources and apps to look for home birthday party games. Consider the time of year and the weather, and see what you can manage. In case it’s raining, plenty of indoor birthday party ideas will also give you inspiration. This will shift the focus from other, more money-reliant aspects and let the young ones have lots of fun. Plenty of birthday party activities for toddlers as well as teens are at your fingertips, if only you know where to look.

Take Care of Invites, Food & Decoration in Time to Fit Your Busy Schedule

Working parents are practically synonymous with not having any free time. If you are organizing a DIY party for your kids, you will want to find simple birthday party food to make and ideas that won’t take a week to prepare. I have found an online resource listing some neat apps for organizing everything, sending out invites, finding easy balloon decorating ideas and much more.

Best Apps to Throw a DIY Kids’ Birthday Party

With simple birthday party decorations, quick online invites and delicious snacks, your kid’s birthday bash is likely to be a hit among their little friends.

Greetings Island offers a large variety of free birthday invitations on their website and mobile apps (Android / IOS) to download and share or print at home.


Even if every child absolutely deserves it, not every parent can afford a massive birthday party for their offspring. If you are currently saving or simply operating on a tight budget, you should consider throwing a DIY bash at home. Send out invites, find affordable supplies and fun games to play – and let the magic happen. Scatterbrained as I may sometimes be, I have managed all this with nothing but my smartphone to help me.

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