Jason Primrose brings NFTs to art and creatives from marginalized groups

Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs, got quite popular in the recent past, generating a lot of buzz after some artists being able to use them to sell their artwork for very decent sums. Simply put, an NFT is something that, when linked to any digital item such as an image, photo, video, music, etc., makes that item unique in the world, generating scarcity around the item and opening space for a market to be established, involving collectors and investors interested in investing real money in the acquisition of digital works and assets.

Jason Primrose, a creative who has been obsessed with conceptualizing alternate worlds and characters since childhood, has launched the series LOST CHILDREN OF ANDROMEDA, a series that he’s releasing as NFTs.

While this move by Primrose is not revolutionary, he will be sharing the funds coming from that with the members of the collective he founded, Evolutionary Art Collective, that features creatives from marginalized groups and blends art, music, literature, and animation.

Being a LGBTQ+ person of color, Primrose is very aware of the opportunity presented by the NFT world, as it is a chance for creators of all types to fully reach equity and reach:

“Evolutionary Art Collective, working in the diverse realm of the LOST CHILDREN world, was created to connect us to our power. NFTs and participating in this accessible virtual space are a natural part of that progression.”

205Z: Time and Salvation“, the most recent release of the series, is set in 2052, just 215 days before the apocalypse. In a world struck by natural disasters, resource scarcity and civil unrest, a young African-American man with traces of inhuman DNA and supernatural abilities is pulled into a war that can be decisive for the planet’s future.

After raising $70,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to kickstart the series, the paperback and ebook versions of “205Z: Time and Salvation” has launched mid-June, with a limited-edition hardcover edition released back in June 30. The NFTs are available on Mintable.

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