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Mifi internet in Italy – The Easy Way

Looking to do more with your smart devices? While you have internet access to your home just about anytime you need, what do you when you out on a vacation? Mobile internet plans cost a bomb and you would not find yourself having a reliable Internet connection most of the times.

So, what do you do if you need Mifi Internet In Italy?

Italy, for instance, is one of the places that have the internet all around the city and even the suburbs but you do need a reliable connection to get you access online.

The Common Problems to Get a Reliable Internet Connection

While setting up a new Internet connection, you may have to set up your router at an inconvenient location. This can cause you problems like not receiving internet signal in a few rooms. Extenders remedy this problem by capturing your router signal and rebroadcasting it.

Though these extenders only have limited usage, most people are not able to sufficiently take advantage of it. This is because of the place the extender is usually set up. Ideally, it should be situated somewhere between the router and your PC or laptop.
Yet, they can only work when you have a primary source of internet connection!

What if you didn’t just have an extender but a primary source of internet connection as well?

The question is, how do you do it? Well, ExpressoWiFi can help you!
Touring around in Italy is much more convenient than before. With personalised Mifi service available on a rental basis, ExpressoWiFi makes sure that you remain connected to the internet on the go.

What Can ExpressoWiFi Do For You?

If Italy is new to you, and Italian is not your first language, you are probably aware of the difficulties of commuting and interaction as you make your way through. Tourists and professionals new to Italy greatly benefit from easy access to the internet.

They can easily refer to maps, translations, internet phone calls, and are able to be in touch with family and friends, should anything untoward happen. ExpressoWiFi takes care of all this by providing the user with the best ever coverage of the internet, at the full available spectrum of 4G/LTE with Italian Carrier like TIM, Vodafone, Wind, etc.

Why Choose ExpressoWiFi?

ExpressoWiFi provides a Mifi Internet with unlimited connection, which can also be shared over multiple devices. With the maximum limit of shared devices put at 10, ExpressoWiFi makes sure that all your devices, and the devices of people travelling with you, can safely be connected to the internet all through the day.

By using ExpressoWiFi, you have the luxury of effectively cutting down expensive roaming costs, and get all communication done via the internet. ExpressoWiFi provides a speed of 70 Mbps, so you can rest assured that the network access will be up and running and all your calls will be of uninterrupted stellar quality. In addition, ExpressoWiFi does not put a cap on the data traffic. Therefore, if large volume data exchange is what you require, unlimited internet connection by ExpressoWiFi is what you need to get for yourself.

How to Avail ExpressoWiFi?

ExpressoWiFi takes care of all the logistics. All you, as a prospective user, have to do, is book it online via a simple process on the ExpressoWiFi website.

You can choose the drop point, where you want your device delivered. Popular drop points include the reception desk at your hotel, at the airport itself or your own apartment. If your boarding and lodging plans are still fluid, then you also have the option of picking it up at the nearest ExpressoWiFi Point.

A list of all the ExpressoWiFi Points is available on the website. The payment has to be done via the standard VISA, MasterCard and other secure method.

The payment transaction thus made via the ExpressoWiFi website is totally secure.

Once the above process is done, all you have left to do is pick up your ExpressoWiFi device and start using it. The return of this device, once you have made all use of the ExpressoWiFi serviced is just as simple. Once you pack the device in an envelope, it is ready for return. The ExpressoWiFi courier service can pick it up from you. Just as well, you may also drop it off at the airport or any other ExpressoWiFi Point.

So in conclusion, if you need Mifi Internet in Italy, ExpressoWiFi provides internet connectivity solutions at a very affordable price, significantly less than what you would ordinarily spend on roaming and expensive transnational phone calls. It lasts about 5 hours on continuous use.

For users who have extensive requirements, a power bank or a car charger can also be rented along with your ExpressoWiFi device.

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