SEO: The Key(words) to Success

There’s a lot more to successful advertising than great content and snazzy graphics. In the case of online (or digital) marketing schemes, matching the right keywords to the right people at the right time is often the only way to reach potential consumers and make a sale. An ad can be unique and informative, but if it can’t attract traffic with the right string of words, it’s useless. It’s why search engine optimization (SEO) companies are becoming necessary expenses rather than luxuries in the business world. Take a look at three reasons why skilled SEO services that identify and locate the best keywords to use benefit your company:

Google is King

Google owns over 90% of the world’s search engine market (if you include Google Maps, YouTube and Google image searches). It facilitates nearly 3.5 billion searches a day, controlling most of the web’s worldwide traffic. Therefore, it’s critical that companies understand and capitalize on Google’s guidelines so that search algorithms pick up and promote their websites. It’s not as easy as it sounds; Google changes its search algorithms approximately 600 times a year. It’s not likely that the average businessperson or even a seasoned webmaster knows about them all. SEO professionals such as SEO Toronto however, make it a priority to know how Google identifies its top ranked sites and when its rules may or actually do change, making it easier for their clients to reach and remain at the top of Google’s search page organically and garner more traffic.

People Trust Search Engines

Consumers like unbiased advice (even if it’s only seemingly). Rather than paid advertisements or word of mouth, more and more people are turning to the Internet when they need help researching a product or finding a business. They want the right answer, and they trust Google (or Bing or DuckDuckGo) to give it to them. Consider this: the first page of search results capture over 90% of traffic, with the first five spots receiving more than 60%. Thus, the higher a company ranks in search results, the more successful it will be in securing a click-through to its website. More click-throughs mean more potential leads and sales. When considered in this light, it makes sense that companies care where their names land in search results.

SEO is Good Market Research

Good search engine optimization technique is good market research. Much like good demographic questions help define and inform research efforts, good SEO techniques help guide additional marketing efforts. Data from search queries can be used to pinpoint how, why and when people are searching for information relating to a specific industry and/or company. The information can then be used to direct better business practices in the future. Not only does SEO help attract consumers, it also helps keep them, making the benefits two-fold and a bargain to boot!

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