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Social Media Dangers for Teens – and How to Prevent Them

The Social networking apps are present these days in everyone’s cell phone. Why these apps are important for teens and what makes teens to use these social messaging apps on the regular basis? The answer is not as simple as the question itself, the contemporary social messaging apps enable a user to do the number of activities that make them attractive to the social media no time ever before. Young teens can send and receive text messages, make calls, audio, and video calls, make stories, shared media files such as photos and videos and VOICE messages.

In-Short young kids and teens when doing such type of activities on the phone and they may become obsessed with the social media and spend all day long on the messengers. Furthermore, young kids and teens may encounter with certain online dangers that can really put their life into a trouble and they may get trapped by the plenty of online predators. Let’s discuss all the dangers briefly and what should parent do to protect their teens from the social media vulnerabilities. There are following common dangers that can harm teens to the fullest.

Social Media Dangers for Teens

Cyber Bullies

The online bullies are one of the most common threats for teens that have multiple social media accounts. They are the ones that are actually mentally frustrated people and they usually make victims that are teenagers. They chase young teens online and use sexual language with the teens and try humiliating them for no reasons. They just want to make a fun of online teens and also sent them sexual explicit content. At the end of the day, teens may get depression for being bullies online and may do such things that cost her life. There are the same effects of online and real-life bullying.


They are the ones who always play with the opposite gender and they find teens online a soft target to fulfill their sexual needs. They do approach teens on the social messaging apps and then make them friends online. Once they have deep friendship young teens start trusting stalkers and commit to a meeting in a real life. Finally, the stalkers meet teens in a real life and start playing with the feelings of teens and then move towards the next target

Sexual encounters with Sexual predators

Young teens may get the encounter with the sexual predators that initially behave as the normal human beings on the social media. After some time, when teens start believing the online predators they plan for meeting and at the end of the day, they do what they really want to do. Teens usually get trapped by plenty of unknown people.

Blind Dating through Dating Apps

The dating apps are the most dangerous things for teens; they are using these apps for sexual hookups with the opposite gender. The opposite gender is mostly an adult that only want to have sex means from teens and teens often ditched by their supposed boyfriends.

Health issues

The excessive use of social media apps may lead teens to depression, anxiety, muscle issues, psychological problems and last but not the least teens may become obese. On the other hand, sleeping disorders and social behavior changes are the common signs.

Save Your Teens with Cell phone spying software

Obviously, teens use all the stuff that we have discussed earlier on the smartphone devices. Therefore, parents need to monitor the mobile phones of teens with the help of cell phone monitoring app. It allows user to get their hands on all the activities of young kids and teens on the phone. They just need to use the IM’s social media for the smartphone spying app.

It allows users to view IM’s logs, IM’s chat, and conversations, share media files such as photos and videos and VOIP calls. Furthermore, User can also use the screen recording of the cell phone tracking spyware. It allows user to record the live visuals of the screen when IM’s running on the phone such as it allows user to do Facebook screen recording, Snapchat screen recording, IMO screen recording, Yahoo screen recording and plenty of others alike.


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