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Why Using Popup Forms is Still an Effective Method

Most people say they hate them.  And yet, time after time, studies show the effectiveness of using popup optin forms on websites for converting more email subscribers.

So, if the consensus among site visitors is that seeing internet email popup forms is annoying, why then are they still subscribing to them?

The truth is, because whatever is being offered beats the annoyance of experiencing a popup while visiting a website.  And, despite what people say about popups, it’s what they do that matters.

So, if you knew you could build a bigger email list, boost conversions, and generate more sales using what is blatantly deemed an “annoying” practice, would you still do it?

Of course.

And if you are still on the fence about popups, check out these other compelling reasons why you might want to reconsider.

1. Clarity

What do we mean by clarity?  Well, popup optin forms have one purpose: to collect email addresses in exchange for something valuable.

Your objective as a website owner is to encourage people to take action.  If that action happens to be subscribing to your email list, downloading your latest e-book, or viewing an exclusive video showcasing your new online course, all in exchange for an email address, a well thought out optin form is going to make that very clear to anyone visiting your website.

2. They Inform

The last thing you want anyone on your site to do is bounce because they can’t figure out what your website is for, what you are offering, or why they should consider purchasing from you.

Using an optin form gives you an extra opportunity to let your site visitors know what you can do for them.  Offer them free shipping on their next purchase, let them know your newest product is releasing soon, even inform them that you can deliver highly engaging content – right to their email inbox – on an optin form.  And get their email address while you’re at it.

3. They Catch Visitors at the Right Time

Thanks to the advancements of many popular optin forms, popups can appear at just the right moment.  And, it is in these moments that people are most likely to subscribe.

Take a look:

  • Exit Intent.  Right when a visitor is about to leave your website, show them a targeted popup encouraging them to sign up before they leave.
  • Content Engagement. A visitor that is engaging with your content is likely to sign up, because they obviously like what you have to offer.  Show a popup at the end your blog posts, after a site visitor has scrolled a certain length, or even when they land on specific web pages.
  • Retargeting.  You know those site visitors that check out your website, leave, and then come back?  You should target those people with the right kind of popup form.  Give returning visitors a specialized offer meant just for them, and watch them convert the second time around.

In the end, popups can be annoying.  Especially to site visitors engaging with a website.  However, the numbers don’t lie and should be more than enough evidence to website owners that popup optin forms are the way to go, at least some of the time.

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