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What are the various forms of technical debt and how can you avoid them?

A lot of people take financial debts and use it smartly to attain some of the specific life goals that they may have by wisely using the money. It is also the same for technical debts, and they cannot be bad every time. One would need to manage technical debts in a proper way so as to get additional advantages and benefits in their company. Also, this is more acute for people who would like to get their companies to develop in a more rapid manner. But the key lies in managing the technical debts effectively and efficiently as this will be important.

But just like the fact that it is essential for you to be careful with your financial debts, similarly, you must be careful with your technical debts. If this is not done, then there would be a time when your accumulated debt can go on to slow down the overall shipping speed of your business, and this would make your company suffer immensely. This article will help you to learn about the different forms of technical debts that you can have and how you would be able to avoid it.

The professionals who are dealing with the managing of technical debts of different companies for a number of years and are aware of the procedures by which these issues can be dealt with would be able to advise you on what you must do to avoid getting technical debts. But you must understand that there is not any particular singular solution by which technical debt issues can get solved. Thus, you must classify the debts you have in clear categories, and that can allow you to address your technical debts problems on different domains and across several teams. Depending upon the specific type of technical debt, you would have to find an option that can help in addressing them more productively.

1. Deliberate form of technical debts – You would be able to see that there are a lot of times when engineers are aware of the different methods by which they can do something new, and they can figure out simple and effective ways of accomplishing crucial work. There would be a lot of instances when quickly doing work would also mean doing it properly. However, there can be times when it may happen that your team has intentionally done something inefficiently and incorrectly. This is done so as to deliver the products quickly to the market. There are a huge number of companies that have even admitted that they have resorted to incur technical debts so as to reduce the amount of time which is needed for placing their products on the market.

2. Addressing this specific problem – It can be possible that the technical team members in your company would not agree with your method, however there are experts who have seen that it can make a lot of sense if you are able to track the debts which would be in a backlog already and this will mean that you must defer all your other pending work and address this in a more urgent fashion. Unless you are able to track this in a more specific way, then you would be unable to repay your debt on time and then it may change into a new design debt after a period of time. This can again go on to impact the reputation of your business negatively.

3. Outdated or accidentally designed software leading to technical debts – During the time when you are designing a software system, it would be vital for you to attempt in balancing the future development and future proofing ideas that you may have so that you can get both simplicities in your software along with quick delivery systems. But this is going to be quite a tricky thing for you to do and would be quite difficult to accomplish every single time such a need arises. Your systems would go onto, and your requirements would also be changing. Your designs can at times look flawed, or the functionality would be difficult and slow for implementation. You can always refactor the good and the original designs that you create. At times you may also feel the need to refactor your software designs in a more meaningful manner.

4. Addressing this specific problem – It will require you to study in a more specific manner how you would be able to refactor your software system properly. But it would be completely natural if you try to do this at certain periodic intervals. When you are not able to do this, then that can go onto creating a lot of slowdown in your system at regular intervals. The team that you have and the technical leads working for you would need to be more precise so that they would be able to have time set aside in order to solve such technical debts as otherwise, it can hamper the reputation of your company.

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Wrapping things up

In spite of the categorizing of all the different technical debts which you have, it will still not be doing the work you have become easier. However, it will be allowing you to have a lot of more fruitful and successful conversations which may go on to increase the strength of your developmental team which you are working with. You would always be facing some or other forms of technical debts within your system. You should try to understand the methods by which your debts would be slowing down your work and then take the necessary steps for rectifying this. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you and you have found the information you were looking for. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates. Subscribe now!

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