Why Social Media Influencers Are So Powerful

The average person is inundated with a high amount of advertisements per day, which can be on their commute to work, in shops, in restaurants, and so on.

However, when we look at how many advertisements are online, that number creeps up, especially as many people have smartphones and social media platforms that promote a lot of ads no matter where we are scrolling.

The influencer is a big part of this advertisement storm, as they not only promote certain products on their pages which people willingly follow, but they also advertise their own products/content.

They do this not only for payment, but they do it to widen their follower base which can get even bigger when using services like Twicsy Instagram followers, for example.

So, with influencers in mind –

  • What makes them so special?
  • Why are their endorsements so valuable?
  • Why are they becoming increasingly important every day?

The answer lies in the fact that social media influencers are the new celebrities. They have built up huge followings of adoring fans who trust their opinions and recommendations, and because they are regular people, just like their followers, they are seen as more trustworthy than traditional celebrities.


Social media influencers come across as more relatable. Their fans follow them because they see them as a friend, or even as a role model. They aspire to be like them, and so they trust their opinion implicitly and rely on what these influencers are telling them.

Gone are the days when celebrities seemed unobtainable to the ‘regular’ fan, influencers are now people who make their start online like everybody else and work their way up in the hopes they can reach out and connect with as many people as possible.


A strong level of trust is incredibly valuable to brands. When an influencer recommends a product, their fans are much more likely to buy it. This can help businesses massively if they want to make a new product sell well.

In fact, around 92% of people say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, over all other forms of advertising.

If they see influencers as their friends, as someone they can connect with on a personal level, and they get recommended a product by them, followers will more than likely check it out or buy it because they feel like they are being shown something of quality.

They do not feel like influencers would lie to them about a product or a service.

When social media influencers talk about a product, they are not just recommending it, they are endorsing it. Their fans know that if they use the product, they will be just like their idol. And that is an immensely powerful thing.

Personal Connections

But it is not just about the numbers. Social media influencers also have the ability to connect with their fans on a personal level.

They share intimate details about their lives, their thoughts, and their feelings. This creates a bond that is unlike any other.

If a follower is going through something that they feel alone with, an influential figure online that they feel a connection to can help them through it, especially if they have gone through something similar.

That is why influencers and their fans will be, if not the same age, close to the same age, because they can connect with them on an even level and see sides of them that they also feel.

So, there you have it. Social media influencers are powerful because they are relatable, trustworthy, and influential, and that is something that traditional celebrities just cannot match nowadays

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