3 Ways To Save Money On Holiday Without Sacrificing Quality

Did you know the average British family spends two months’ salary on their summer holiday? Before borrowing money to fund your dream holiday, consider a few ways to save money without sacrificing quality. Here are three brilliant ideas to do just that.

1. Stay in one place

Instead of visiting multiple destinations during a single holiday, chose just one destination and spend quality time getting to know the area. You’ll receive better rates on accommodations by staying longer, and you won’t need to pay for transportation between multiple destinations.

When you’re jetting off to a single destination, it’ll likely be more satisfying than skimming the surface of multiple destinations. In fact, trying to cram too much into your holiday consistently ranks as one of the worst travel mistakes. So take your time and use your holiday as a time to relax instead of a time to go, go, go.

2. Take advantage of discounts

The travel industry is always offering discounts. This is an entirely necessary practice because the industry is effectively selling perishable goods. Hotel rooms, airline seats, and event tickets all have an expiration date. If no one books the room, seat, or ticket before the event, they will be wasted. And the industry won’t be able to make any money off them.

Take advantage of these discounts by consulting travel discounters for deals on accommodations, transportation, and tours. You may even be able to find unexpected savings like all-inclusive packages, free bag storage, free priority check-ins, and even the ability to add the kids to your holiday package for free.

3. Eat like a local

Instead of dining in a restaurant or cafe for every meal of your holiday, try preparing a few of your own meals. Head to the neighbourhood market to buy the same ingredients as the locals for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal. You’ll pay substantially less but enjoy the authentic local flavours.

You could also check out the local street vendors for an inexpensive meal on the go. Or even arrange private meals served in the homes of local residents who enjoy sharing their table with travellers. With the money you’ve saved on food from eating like a local, you’ll be able to splurge without guilt or worry on the few special evenings you decide to enjoy a nice restaurant.

It is possible to enjoy a quality holiday without spending a fortune. One could argue that you’re actually increasing the quality of your holiday by staying in a single destination, taking advantage of discounts, and eating like a local. And yet it will cost you less. Enjoy your holiday.

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