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4 Top Secret Speakeasies Hiding Out in Miami Beach

Back in the 1920s when alcohol was illegal, people who wanted a drink after work would head to a speakeasy — a hidden bar where you could enjoy your night away from the police. The days of Prohibition are long gone, but people still love the idea of spending their night at a bar that no one can find. That’s why a new wave of speakeasies have appeared in Miami and Miami Beach, and if you know what to look, for you can find them too.



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From the outside, Foxhole is nothing but a red light on 14th Court just off Alton Road in South Beach. However, once you head inside you’ll find a bar with a modern sense of fashion and some classic entertainment like pool, darts, and a jukebox. Taking inspiration from the name, Foxhole also features guns for decorations and gangster movies when Miami teams aren’t playing. You can also order food from their sister restaurant, the Drunken Dragon. Their international options include bok choy, curry fries, and oysters. The drinks include basic cocktails and regional craft beers.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila


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Bodega Taqueria y Tequila is another South Beach destination, this one on 16th Street just north of Foxhole. Head inside and you’ll find a small, kitschy Mexican diner where you can order some quality tacos on the cheap out of a converted old Airstream trailer. But if you open the secret door you find in the bathroom, you’ll find yourself in a very classy and old-fashioned bar with wooden walls and vintage couches. Be sure to look at their list of specialty shots and try a Fuego while you’re there.

Broken Shaker

Broken Shaker isn’t hidden so much as it’s a hotel bar with no advertising. The hotel in question is Freehand Miami on Indian Creek Drive, making it a good place to stop if you’re exploring Miami Beach neighborhoods and you’re near Bayshore. Just head in past the front desk and out to the patio and you’ll find Broken Shaker. The patio has a fence and trees that screen it from the world outside, making it your best option if you want to enjoy a Miami evening outdoors even as you drink somewhere quiet and exclusive.

Employees Only

Employees Only goes all-in for the 1920s vibe, and with a location on Washington Avenue, it’s your last stop on a tour of South Beach speakeasies. The bar hides behind a stone house that advertises tarot card readings, but if you look behind a curtain inside, you’ll find the bar and restaurant. Employees Only takes pride in its specialty cocktails, including new spins on old classics and completely new creations invented by the bartenders.

Miami Beach isn’t the kind of place where it’s hard to find a good bar. However, if you want to take on a little challenge, the speakeasies in town offer a quieter atmosphere and some of the best drinks and cocktails you can find in south Florida.

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