A Fresh Take on Boracay

The paradise island of Boracay in the Visayas is one of the most popular tourist destinations, located 350 km south of Manila, Philippines.While only 7km long and 1 km wide, the tiny dog bone-shaped island of Boracay with turquoise water and fine sands, happens to be Philippines’ top tourist spot, powered by hype and an explosive growth of tourists. A bucket-list stop for kite surfers, an ultimate gateway for honeymooners, and for everyone else who wants to rejuvenate.convalesce and re-balance their mindset! There are no train routes to Boracay from Manila or any direct flights. So, you can either fly to Kalibo or Caticlan. From Kalibo, take a van or bus to the Caticlan Jetty Port and Boracay can be reached in 10-20 mins on a boat ride..

Go Beach Hopping 

If you want to get the best out of Boracay, you must go beach hopping. There are a total of 13 beaches on Boracay with a heavenly White Beach as the center of attraction. This 4 km long stretch of powdered-sugar sand is the main beach in Boracay and the only one where most tourists end up reaching.

The beach is divided into three stations: Boat Station 1, 2 and 3. Station 3 is a quieter zone, free from any cacophony while Station 1 is the most happening area with Station 2 crammed with restaurants, bars and shopping windows. Another popular beach, located just 1 km from the White Beach is the Bulabog Beach. The wind here is strong enough to whip your hair and blow sand into your eyes. So, don’t forget to wear your glares! You can also put a brake on near one of the many kite surfing shops along the shore, where in no time, you will be hooked up with lessons and gears.

Head to Puka Shell Beach if you’re a private sort of person. Although this beach attracts fewer people as compared to the White Beach and also that there are not many eateries and bars around, it still offers something which other popular beaches don’t: privacy!

It would be blasphemous  if you’re in Boracay and do not sign up for a six-hour island hopping tour!  Most of these island tours cover the same islands and beaches namely Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island, Magic Island, West Cove and Balinghai Beach. These tours also include snorkelling, cliff jumps, jumping into the water from the boat and tanning followed by a delectable lunch buffet to keep your energy up! You can book these kinds of tours at the hotels or at the tourist desks along the island.

No Adventure No Fun!

Boracay offers plenty of adventure activities and if you’re not feeling laid-back, get that rush of adrenaline. To enjoy the pristine views of the shore, head straight to the Zipline Park. Here, you will be pulled up to the top by a cage-like gondola. Once you’re harnessed well on your belly, you will be released to a zipline at racing speed s straight to the bottom.

If you haven’t yet experienced the fun and crazy activity called zorbing, now is the time. You can include this in your zipline package deal. To give you an idea of how this works, think of a huge plastic ball that rests atop a very steep hill. Y Now you will then be sealed up inside that ball and then pushed down a ramp, speeding through a lush path while bouncing about inside and then hitting another rolling zorb.  which was lying in wait to get run over! Sounds fun? Other adventure activities include parasailing, scuba diving, free diving and kite surfing.

Food and Shopping

Foodies would simply love this place as Boracay offers some exceptional cuisines. Tons of fresh, affordable seafood, Moroccan food, chicken wings, fruit shakes and so much more. To bring home some cool souvenirs, pick up some fridge magnets, beach clothes, key chains and intricate nail clippers. Dive off a cliff, or simply laze around, do not forget to capture every minute on your camera!

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