How To Plan To Attend Any Sports Events In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city known for its glamour, beaches, and of course, the Hollywood quotient! You wouldn’t think of sports when you think of Los Angeles. Right? And that’s where you’re wrong! Over the past couple of years, LA has seen major investment in sports infrastructure.

There will soon be a brand new stadium at the heart of the famous Hollywood Park, the home of opening a new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park. Other major infrastructural developments include a new arena in Inglewood for the clippers and the reopening of a refurbished coliseum. Los Angeles is going to host some of the biggest games of the decade too. So, if you are already headed to the glamour town for its beaches or its movie magic, you might as well add a few sports events to your trip.

Here’s a list of all the destinations for a sports lover while in Los Angeles:

Honda Center for NCAA men’s basketball

Basketball is one of the major sports in the US and the Honda Center had generously employed millions of dollars in its top-class renovation. The grand investment is one reason why they are the favourite destination for the NCAA home team.

Santa Anita Park, The Breeders Cup

It is one of the biggest horse racing events to ever take place. It is for the 16th time that it is going to be held in Southern California and for the 11th time that it is going to be held in Santa Anita Park. Hence, you could safely say this is one of the most popular sporting extravaganzas in LA.

Dodger stadium, MLB all Star game

Previously Anaheim used to host the MLB All-Star game but lately, the mantle has fallen upon Dodger stadium, as it prepares to host the prestigious game. MLB all-star or Major League Baseball consists of all-star performers, and thus, draws in a lot of crowd and hype each year. You could read up about the event and many more such hot favourite sports events of Los Angeles in just a click. To know more, click here.

Super Bowl at Los Angeles stadium in Hollywood Park

The Superbowl LVI is going to be held in Los Angeles, which is the NFL’s biggest game of the year. Los Angeles has so far been the host for 7 Superbowls and is only behind Miami and New Orleans with 10 each. Superbowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the US and has a massive fan following.

Los Angeles Country Club, US open

US open is the third of the four major championships related to golf and it is all set to happen in Los Angeles. Golf is a widely recognised sport in the US with a huge fan following, and the Los Angeles Country club is famous for its various golfing events taking place throughout the year.

FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympics

Los Angeles is all set to host the FIFA World Cup in the year 2026, and the Summer Olympics in the year 2028. This might sound like a bit too far to be excited for, but not if you ask LA. Preparations for luxurious stadiums, playgrounds, and more have already started. The Rose Bowl Stadium is a great choice for the FIFA matches, whereas the Coliseum will become the first venue to host 3 Olympics, a record so far.

Los Angeles is full of various sporting events all throughout the year, and for the side course, you could always head to the city clubs, casinos and get a taste of the nightlife. There’s plenty to do, so get packing!

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