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Top 10 hacks to save money on your luxury Caribbean vacation

It’s that time of the year again. You’ve finally set aside the time and the budget for a long-awaited tropical beach vacation—you’re going to the Caribbean!

Your budget will affect your decisions, which in turn will affect your family’s vacation experience. While you do want to have a superlative Caribbean experience, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket that will haunt your for months to come. So, here are 10 ways to save on your Caribbean holiday when traveling with your family.

  1. Get a package deal: You can save massively on your overall budget if you choose a package deal that includes both airfare and hotel accommodation. Plan ahead and book in advance to get better airfare and lodging rates. Consider a mid-week, late evening flight as it will cost less than a weekend flight.
  2. Pick all-inclusive accommodation: Taking an all-inclusive hotel deal will help save additional spending on activities and entertainment – you could for example stay at an all-inclusive Caribbean villa with a private chef. Check what all is included and not included in your package to get a fair estimate of the expenses you’ll make during your trip. Pick an all-inclusive deal at a reputable property so that you’ll get what you paid for.
  3. Water sports: What’s an island holiday in the Caribbean without access to the best water sports! However, motorized water sports can cost a fortune if paid for separately. So go for an all-inclusive package that includes the best in both motorized and non-motorized water sport activities.
  4. Be currency wise: To have better control over your holiday budget, pick a location where prices are calculated in US dollars at a fixed rate. This will safeguard you against any currency fluctuations. Also, did you know that most tourist places in Jamaica accept the US dollar? And most all-inclusive properties will have everything priced in USD, so carrying a wad or two will come handy and save you the trouble of looking for ATMs or exchange counters.
  5. Free stuff: When it comes to a Caribbean holiday, there is definitely something called a free lunch. Check out which resort offers the best freebies (for instance, a free night if you book four nights) and inclusions and go for it!
  6. Location wise: Did you know that flying to popular destinations like Jamaica is cheaper than flying to other, far-off Caribbean islands? Save on airfare by choosing a destination that’s served by major low-cost airlines.
  7. Travel when most people won’t: Travelling on a budget? Avoid the peak seasons (spring and winter holidays) and you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on accommodation and other local expenses. Do check if your favorite activities—water sports, for instance—will be available during off-season.
  8. Use local transport: If using public transport while on a luxury vacation is not up your alley, check out local cab service providers and car/bike rental companies for steal deals. Share a ride with other vacationers to further save on travel within the island.
  9. Save on meals and water: To pull this off on a family vacation to the Caribbean, go for a meal plan that goes well with how you intend to spend your days on the island. Why pay for lunch when most days you’ll be out exploring local cuisine and culture? Discuss the available meal plans with your travel companions, and pick the one that will not result in wasteful expenditure.Also, if travelling with children or in a large group, you’ll end up buying water more frequently than you’d like. Save money and do your bit for the environment by buying larger bottles and asking everyone to refill their carry-on bottles before leaving the hotel.
  10. Save on tips and shopping: No, we’re not asking you to be frugal with tipping, but going overboard may not be a good idea. Instead, be well-informed and check if the resort you’re staying at or the bar you’re visiting bills a service fee, and then tip accordingly. On a week-long holiday, you’ll come across plenty of service staff you’ll be inclined to tip, so there’s no harm in setting aside a maximum limit for the same.

While we don’t encourage haggling with local vendors, asking for the possibility of a discount will not hurt. Who knows, you may strike a great bargain on a souvenir or a local craft item you just had to have!

Use these time-tested money-saving tips on your next all inclusive family Caribbean resorts vacation and we promise you’ll have a great time without worrying about blowing your budget.

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