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Travel in Tranquility: 7 Steps to Pack Lightly for Air Travel

Efficient packing is important when it comes to traveling. Skip one important item, and you will be scrambling to search for a nearby store in your location to buy one. Bring too much, and you will end up with heavy baggage, and spending tons of cash to pay for costly extra baggage fees.

If you never have or seldom travel by air, you might get confused and dazed with what items to pack. To help you out, read the steps below and know the most useful and the most basic ways to pack lightly and efficiently.

Do not Fold

Experienced travelers and backpackers know that rolling pieces of clothes instead of folding them will maximize every bit of space in your luggage. Roll them until they are like the size of a small bottle. As such, they are also less likely to get creases and wrinkles.

Packing Cubes


Aside from rolling pieces of clothes, another brilliant way to pack items in your luggage efficiently is through packing cubes. With packing cubes, rest assured that all your things are nicely done, systematized, and organized.

They also keep things from getting rumpled, creased, and wrinkled, which happens when you dig through your suitcase regardless of how good you roll your things. Also, make sure to put bulky things at the bottom of your bag because so you can easily carry your suitcase at the airport.

Keep Some of your Important Items in your Carry-on Bag

All things that are important to you like your phone, wallet, flash drive, and much more should be in your carry-on bag. In case some misfortunes happen, for example, you lose your luggage, your carry-on bag should not leave your custody.

Keep all electronics in a separate bag so that you can access them easily. Make sure that you have a sturdy carry-on that can hold up all your belongings. Shop in any online store like Luggage Online for high-quality travel bags.

Have a Packing Checklist

Weeks or days before your flight, make sure that you have a packing list. It will give you enough time to create a complete packing list and enough time to buy additional things that you may need for your time off. Making a packing list is a foolproof way to make sure that you will not forget important items.

Pack Liquids and Anything Breakable Carefully

Before you bring anything breakable and liquid, think about whether you need them or not. If you certainly need them, then make sure that you pack them carefully. For anything breakable, wrap them in towels, bubble wrap, or clothing.

For more insurance, place them in a sturdy box or container. For liquids, pack them in sealable plastic bags, and wrap them in a piece of cloth. In that way, you will never have to worry about any liquid that can flow out the plastic bags.

Stay Mindful of the Airline’s Baggage Fee Protocol

Knowing the airline’s precarious and confusing baggage fee protocols is important to travelers who have budget-minded packing schemes. Even though there are airlines that allow backpackers to inspect one or two bags on international flights, the majority of them charge too much for luggage examined on domestic flights.

So before you start packing, visit your airline’s site and know their baggage protocols. Well, this is something you may want to do before purchasing a plane ticket, most especially if you are bringing at least two bags.

First Aid Kit


For sure, traveling by air can sometimes cause pain and aches. Thus it is important to be always ready in case this happens. Take your medical prescription with you just in case something worse happens.

Pack them in your carry-on bag, not in your checked baggage. Also, bring your medical history with you, or wear a medical necklace or bracelet with your private information. Moreover, you may want to bring bandages, painkillers, sedative, chewing gum, anti-dizziness, tissues, and anything that you need for health purposes.


When traveling by air, packing efficiently and accordingly is important. If you forget just one item, then you will most likely go scrambling buying for one. Read the guide above to know how to efficiently and lightly pack and to avoid any future complications.


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