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How your business can increase custom

If you want a successful turnover, increasing your business’s footfall is crucial. Because of this, companies are trying to think outside of the box to create a unique idea to bring people into their business. We know all about the impact that a successful marketing campaign can have for a company. However, other than leaflet distribution, tv and radio advertising, use of billboards, and magazine or newspaper placements, how else can a business increase their custom?

This article looks at extravagant ways businesses have managed to increase their custom and ideas which have enhanced their reputation…

Social media use

When used correctly, social media can be a great way for companies to enhance their brand’s image. By creating a catchy hashtag, a company can become an internet sensation. The right hashtags can extend the reach of your content, meaning more members of the public will engage with it. Trending hashtags are a simple way to increase how noticeable your content is.

Offer experiences

To linking in with social media, we live in a generation who loves to post their selfies. Therefore, you should offer an experience that your customers want to share. A London business, Elan Café, hit the jackpot with its ‘flower wall’. This had customers flocking to the café to get the perfect snap for their social accounts of the flowering plants on the wall and autumn flowering bulbs outside.

For example, at Buffalo Phil’s, a Wisconsin restaurant in the US, diners have their food delivered to them via a toy train. The track, which runs along the perimeter of the restaurant, stops at the designated table to allow customers to pick up their food. Such experiences create a great word-of-mouth campaign, which makes people want to come at take part themselves. If your business can find a unique experience, it will draw people in.

Positive Staff

Most of us have all met an arrogant and rude staff member at some point. This can have a hugely damaging impact on your business. By 2020, it’s anticipated that customer experience will be more important than both the price and product they’re receiving. Simply put, if a customer likes you, they’ll continue to give you their business. If they don’t, they won’t!

73% of customers are drawn to a brand due to friendly customer service representatives, according to RightNow. ThinkJar also states that 55% of customers will spend more money with a company if they’re guaranteed a satisfying experience. Therefore, it’s crucial that you give the public what they want if you want to increase your footfall — a happy and positive experience!


We all love a bargain, don’t we? Discounts and offers, such as restaurant discounts, can help you attract new and repeat customers, as a reduction in price can act as a ploy to attract people to your business. This works especially well if your discount is only available for a number of days, as people are ‘afraid’ of missing out.

If you offer a good discounted product, this will boost your reputation. This is also the case for companies which offer reduced rates for personnel, including military members or NHS workers.  Discounts can also present impulse buy opportunities, meaning that customers will buy something they weren’t intending to originally. This will help to boost sales across the board.


Have noticed the increase in local businesses asking for your feedback on your receipt? Often, it’s in conjunction with a prize being at stake to entice you to take part. This is crucial for increasing custom, as it gives the consumer the chance to have a voice. People like to voice their opinions and asking for feedback is the perfect opportunity to show them that their thoughts do actually matter. Conducting a survey can help you measure customer experience and satisfaction, while also helping you to conduct industry research.

As increased levels of custom is the perfect end goal for all businesses, there are several ways to ensure you appeal to your audience. Each business is of course different, but by following the above steps, you’ll be well on the way to gaining new customers.



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